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The Most Complete assembly of Az meteorites

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Hi All

The King Tut , Dos Cabezas and Hualipia Wash 021 have been delivered to the U of A from the Az Mine and Mineral Museum in Pheonix for this event. Deloros Hill runs the meteorite lab at the U of A and is trying to assemble the finders of Arizona meteorites and thier meteorites for a wing ding during this years gem and mineral show. I'm still up in the air as to whether I'll actually make this event and I really don't want to miss it but. There will be meteorite hunters collectors and enthusiests from all over the world to attend. Here's her email invite to those who wish to see this assembly and join in in the festivities. Happy Huntin John B.

Dear Meteorite Enthusiasts,

Happy New Year!

We know many of you are making travel plans to come to the Tucson Show.

In addition to the Show, there are many exciting meteorite events not to

be missed! *We cordially invite you to attend a **special public

“Arizona Meteorite Exhibition,” January 30, 2010 from 6-9 pm on the

University of Arizona campus in the Kuiper Space Sciences Building

Atrium.* The event coincides with but is not meant to compete with the

Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. It will be the kick-off event to the Lunar &

Planetary Laboratory’s 50^th Anniversary Year.

This *first-ever Arizona Meteorite Exhibition will acknowledge and honor

finders of Arizona meteorites, classifiers, and important collections*

by exhibiting as many Arizona meteorites as possible. *More than 95

separate meteorites* have been recovered and recognized in the state of

Arizona since 1891. Among them are *special finds that are of both

historical and scientific importance*.

Rather than just a collection of inanimate rocks, we will have *exhibits

and posters* that will emphasize connections between people and

research, especially as they relate to Arizona meteorites, history, and


Arizona is host to *prestigious centers of meteorite, planetary science,

geology, and archaeology research* that have been at the forefront of

many scientific and engineering endeavors. Many are among our *exhibit

partners and sponsors* – Portland State University’s Cascadia Meteorite

Laboratory (UA alumni), Arizona State University’s Center for Meteorite

Studies, Arizona Museum of Natural History, Museum of Northern Arizona,

UA Mineral Museum, Flandrau Science Center, Arizona Mining and Mineral

Museum, and others.

* Exciting public talks *by Dante Lauretta and Edward Beshore will

highlight current meteorite research and the discovery and recovery of

asteroid 2008 TC3/Almahata Sitta (ureilite). The Tucson Amateur

Astronomy Association will provide *telescopes* *for stargazing*. There

will be opportunities to take a *tour* with the Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter on

a different night to *see the telescope on Mt. Lemmon where TC3 was

discovered* by Richard Kowalski.

Because this will be such a unique opportunity to have so many Arizona

meteorites and their finders together at the same time, we plan to

conduct a *_Meteorite Memory Project_* to video record finders’ stories

of recovery and identification. The official record of the Meteoritical

Bulletin does not always have an appropriate venue for such information.

It is an important part of the historical record nonetheless. *We

cordially invite you to share your story.*


This is a great opportunity to meet and socialize with fellow meteorite

enthusiasts and researchers. Light snacks will be available during the

Exhibition. **Come and enjoy!*

For more information and directions see: http://www.lpl.arizona.edu/ and


We hope to see you soon!

Kind regards,

Dolores H. Hill, Sr. Research Specialist

Maria Schuchardt, Data Manager, LPL NASA Space Imagery Center

Lunar & Planetary Laboratory

University of Arizona

Tucson, AZ



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Yeah, thanks John! I'm a terrible forum member!!! I've been planning to attend this event since a month ago or so, and I forgot to let you guys know... :(

Hope to see some of you there!

Happy hunting,




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