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help with ID

Ray in CA

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Hey folks!

I was hoping someone could help identify this "nugget" for me. I went out to an old gold placer mining town to do some coinshooting and one of my targets was this little guy.

I know it's not iron because my Minelab Safari registered +31, which is just below penny range. It is also the wrong color and way too heavy for lead.

It weighs in at 2.1 grams on my digital scale, which in my prospecting experience would appear to make it somewhat heavier than a gold nugget of the same size.

I scratched the dark outer surface on the backside and it revealed a shiny, silvery metallic color underneath.

Anyone wanna take a guess?





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thanks garimpo and frank.

Well, I suppose my statements yesterday were a bit misleading, even to me. I had made a small scratch on the backside, and, looking at it under flourescent lights, thought I saw silver colored metal. But I got to looking at it again and decided to file off a larger patch, which revealed the color is more golden, like a gold nugget but closer to brass. This piece is non-magnetic, but it feels too heavy for its size to be brass. But that's what it very well could be, which is a shame because I was hoping for a meteorite!



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might be a manganese coated gold nugget!

I hope you're right, Wes! That would be so cool if it was, as it would answer the question as to whether or not the Safari can actually find gold nuggets.

I think I'll take it to a jeweler in town to see if he help shed any light on its composition.



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Just thought I would update you guys on the "nugget" I found. Took it to a jeweler today and he was kind enough to do an acid test on it, which revealed it isn't gold. So, it must be just a small molten ball of brass or something of that nature. Thanks for all the replies.


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