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How us nugget shooters can tell if we're too fat, old, or butt-ugly


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I hope, like me, all my fellow prospectors are off to a good start in the new year. I'm headed for the Mojave in a couple of weeks with Yubalee, my Shar-pei mix mining pard. I Can't wait to get out there ahead of the blistering sun, pesky rattlers and killer bees to test my new coiltek coils on my GPX-4000...gonna be fun, and who knows, maybe profitable too.

The main reason I dropped by today was to invite y'all to take my fat, old, butt-ugly, top ten evaluation test. You see, I have a tendency to pack on the pounds, am piling up the years, and I'm afraid to look in the mirror. So, for my own use (because I feel the need to know), and as a public service to my fellow man, I devised an infallible test to determine whether or not one is getting too fat, old, and or is just plain butt-ugly. If you, like me, need to know where you stand...feel free to make use of my scientific evaluator...free of charge>>>How to Tell if You're Too Fat, Getting Old, and or, Are Butt-Ugly (Top 10 Lists)

Thanks...see ya in the gold patch,


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I passed the Fat test!!! Just barely.

I flunked the old age test (I thought I looked 53...).

I did not take the butt-ugly test. My wife tells me I am pretty good looking. Now that I think about it, the last time she told me that was before she has Lasik on her eyes. Just a minute, I will go ask her now.............................

Oh well......

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I liked the chewing tobacco link. Reminds me of the three police car doors I lost spitting. I wish I had photos of the looks on the faces of those who knocked the doors off.

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