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EPA assessment Process

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Apparently the EPA is running full force (or are directed by the current Administration) into the Global Warming climate change mumbo jumbo.

The link I have attached is an assessment of the decision making process incorporting Climate Change, into Land proctection Planning.

With the cutting of access to more and more lands, this looks like they are trying to come up with language, that will cut off or severly limit our access and what we can do on those lands and blame it on Climate Change.


Now you combine this with the Clean Water Restoration Act that is going to give the Federal Government the werewithall to say what you can do with water on your own land and it could be much bigger than SB 670 as this will effect the entire Country.

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And thats really the whole point of the "assessment"....they are looking at what language they can use to take away our access to these lands. Its going to get worse, before it gets better as many of you know that access has already been taken away.

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