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Gold Basin 13 hr 136g on the 1st

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Hey All, Yah, I was out at Gold Basin on Friday, should have waited until Saturday and then I could have met up with Ruben, Jason, and Brayden, oh well. I got out to the Basin late morning on Friday, trying to shake off the skunk day from Monday's 8 hour of swinging and nothing. I went to areas where I found some some last Spring and hit it hard and nothing. So I went into the well pounded area and after a total 12 hours of searching for the week I finally found a 6 gram fragment. I was content with that, it was a great day for hunting, even had my jacket off for while. So with about an hour of light left I started swinging back to the car. About ten minutes after the sun went behind the hills I got a strong signal. Down about 5 inches a 136 grammer. :spinnin: By the time I got it washed off, and GPSed it was pretty dark so all the shots are with flash. The 136 grammer has some remnant fussion crust, here and there, so I took some close ups of it (well tryed to). I hope this means my little dry spell is behind me. See ya out there, Clifton







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Excellent find Clifton,

And another reason not to quit swinging that coil until you get to your vehicle. That is if you have already checked around your vehicle!mad0264[1].gif

Been there and done that twice. Keep it up and hope to run into you out there one day.


Stan aka Kaimi

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Hey Guys, Thanks for the Comments!!

Jason, actually had not heard the word potato to describe a meteorite like this one, it sure fits given how much clay is on them when they come out the damp ground.

Say Ruben, Thanks, I guess if I were more into football I'd been home on the 1 st, but I had to get out as soon as I could find a least one to recover from Monday's zip. I'm glad you put up the GPS coordinates it's going to help alot of new hunters on their first time out. When I first went out there all I had were general web maps and your videos, so I had two days of zip just trying to figure out about where to look. Now I have zip days, it's like I'm thirsty standing in a smimmin pool. Should of zigged when I zagged, I must be walking right by'em. See ya out there, Clifton

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