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First meteorites of 2010

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Howdy Gang,

My son (Brayden) and I made a quick run to GB today, and poked around here and there, hitting some new spots and scrounged some old ones too. We had a fun day, with the weather perfect for hunting and walked away with some meteorites. I did the usual hit a spot for an hour, then move, and so on. But in the end, we got three Gold Basin's, 28.4, 29.3, and 54 grams. We had fun, which is the most important thing in my book, not to mention the first meteorites for the new year. Enjoy, Jason. ;)




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Aloha Jason,

Great job guys!thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

Yep, you better watch out Jason, sooner or later your son will want his own metal detector and then he will be waking you up on your days off wanting to go out hunting. But then again, these are the times you will treasure for a long time. Train him well and then you can sit back and let him do all the digging.laught16.gif

Aloha and be safe,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Frank, he sure is a chip of the ol' block for sure, and sometimes a bit over zealous... But he's always up for an adventure.

Fred, it's always good to get out and enjoy the scenery, hopefully he'll realize the outdoors are just as fun as video games.

Stan, one could only hope. However, we did a small area dry washing last year and he found out how back breaking it really was and only a small return. I'll bet he'll stick with nugget shooting.

Jason ;)

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Hey Jason,

Great finds! It was an unexpected pleasure meeting you and Brayden out at Gold Basin yesterday. I guess my disguise (hat, glasses and bandanna) isn't working so well anymore.... :-)

It was good to finally meet you guys. Until recently I hadn't been to Gold Basin since 1998 (except for a video I did with Mike, and Paul at GB) So seeing anyone out there that knew me seemed remote. As you know I found a few rocks while hanging with you guys - we left a little afterward and that must have been when YOU got the hot hand!

Congrats again, on your 2010 finds!

Here are mine on my web site:


or here:


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Ruben, Jason, and Brayden, Man look at those smiling faces, and nice finds!!! Sure looks like you were have'n fun! I'm sorry I missed you guys, I was out there the day before. I finally had some luck, but would have been good to hang with you guys, finally meet you'all, and maybe you'all could have shown me some better spots to look. Maybe I'll luck out and meet you guys out there next time. Till then, See ya on the Forum. The New Years look'n good! Clifton

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Hi Jason and All

Looks like Brayden put the squeeze on his old man :shrug: ?? Congrads :thumbsupanim !! Jason what's that brown stuff on your chin :hmmmmm: ?? I enjoyed your GB video :whoope: !! The next video on youtube was a Rubin youtube rememberance of Jim Kreigh that brought back many fond memories :) . Happy Huntin John B.

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Reminds me of when my kids enjoyed getting out. Now they are 20 and 21 and very busy. Being an empty nester is good, but sure miss the smiles on their faces and them taking time to go with me rather then with their friends. Oh well, I remember........

Looks like you started 2010 great. I am a little jealous. Have not been down there yet, but will be going. I am just looking out the window at the snow. Man, I hate snow. I have to figure out how to do the snowbird thing. I told my wife that next year we are in Arizona. My business is pretty portable.


Oh, and yes, I had noted the GPS readings. I was hoping they would go along with my others and not be in the middle of Las Vegas or something! Thanks

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