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Cleator area


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This is a hard one. I could think of some better claims. Are you talking about the Cleator claim or all the claim around there? And which way are you driving in from? It's like if we (us) knew where we could find some gold we would be there finding it. :yuk-yuk: Not sure what hand tools you're looking to uses, but I know the best is to dredge if you can find water. That may take time until you found some good places.

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Checked out an area near Bumble bee it looked like a giant tailing pile with clean bedrock. Some pretty hot ground.put in about 8 hours on the detectors and spent about 12 hours smashing any remaining bedrock.Talked to some guy said he had heard of no detectable gold in this area. Pretty interesting area might come back with my testing dry washer. All in all not even a half a tenth of gold. We didnt use the vac or any of that just hammer,pry bar,dust pans and crevice tool. IM sure we could have gotten more but didnt deem it worth wear and tear on equipment.Better luck next time i guess.

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Dont be discouraged Goldnewbie, The Bumblebee area has been pounded for many years, and YES, there is detectable gold out there. Alot of the Roadrunner Claims can be pretty large. I would suggest working in the most remote areas of some of the claims (staying away from the main trails). Try detecting in the little washouts from recent rains where you may have an advantage over the last guy that detected there.

Alot of nice gold has been found in all directions of the eastern slope of the Bradshaw mountains.

Heres a nug I recently got of of a Roadrunner claim in the San Domingo wash area.

Hang in there!


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Nice nugget. We are heading towards the LSD area soon. We did get some good practice with the detectors now its just putting them over gold. I almost want to leave the pan at home next time so i have no choice but detecting.Thanks for the advice cant wait to get my first nug with my detector.

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