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Howdy Gang,

I finally got a chance to head to Franconia and do some hunting. I met up with Stan and hunted the day, with the intentions of hunting a second day on Wed, pending the finds or failures.

The day started off a bit chilly, but warned up by mid-morning. The first target I got was a really small iron, then a few minutes later an 8 gram chondrite. Upon hunting another hour, we moved to another location.

This was the first time I used the 7x14 NF coil down there and had to learn the sounds all over again. It was funny how the meteorites sounded really soft, unless they were on the surface. Hunting in a new area,

I got that soft sound and started digging. I ended up with an 82 gram chondrite, down about 5 inches. From here, Stan and I split directions, with me taking the high road and him the low road. I decided to work some of the ridges and

slopes for the remainder of the day. After coming up to the top of a ridge, I hit a nice surface 100 gram piece, with plenty of cracks and a few pieces missing. Not more than 5 feet away, some one had a previous scape

and probably found the pieces, but missed the main piece.

That was the final piece for the next three or so hours. I finally decided to work a semi-flat slope and try my luck before heading back to the truck. I'm glad I did. Up at the base of a cactus is where I found the last one of the day.

Sitting on the surface was a huge, beautiful, 304 gram chondrite. It about blew my headphones off, because I was scoping another area before calling it quits. Granted, I did find my share of .50 cals. and wire, but knew that was good

sign. All in all a fun day, and boy was I sore. Mental note to self, don't go meteorite hunting after a day of skiing, and sleeping in the back of an F-150 :olddude::grr01: . Needless to say, I didn't hunt the second day.....

Until next time, keep looking down.

Jason ;)





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Aloha everyone,

Jason was not the only one who was sore that day. One thing you have do to now is cover a LOT of ground to be successful nowadays. Oh for the good old days when all you had to do was take a stroll and there them meteorites were laying just about everywhere you went. NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!

First rule of hunting Franconia:

Stretch them leg muscles before heading out!

Jason and I had a great time hunting Franconia all to ourselves. Seems that for the past couple of trips I have not run into a soul out there. Has everyone just about given up on Franconia or was it just my imagination?

Nice specimens Jason! Even though I am still stiff from all that walking I would probably do it all over again.

Aloha and Hauoli Makahiki Hou to all!

Stan aka Ka'imi

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Frank, yeah it is pretty fun, but you do have to cover a lot of ground....

Stan, I had a good time and will plan another trip in the following weeks. But yes, you said it, "Stretch, stretch, stretch..." and don't sleep in the back of the truck. Or go skiing the day before....Man I feel old or at least my body does. :olddude: :hahaha:

Jason ;)

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WOW Jason, That's a great catch!!! The 300 grammer is awesome and the 100 grammer surface find is has alot of nice character to it. As you well know, the pain will go away but meteorites are forever. See Ya, Clifton

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