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Interesting find.


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Aloha Frank,

Looks very interesting, if not weird! Also looks like someone had waaaaay too much time on their hands at the time. Cool find tho.

Have a Hauoli Makahiki Hou and as usual be careful this holiday season.


Stan aka Kaimi

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My friend thinks the Knights of the Golden Circle. I don't know but it may be a breadcrumb to something nice. I shy away from sticking my nose in other's projects unless invited. Posted to show some of the things you can run into back in nowhere land.

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Au Seeker, that's what I thought too. A ashtray in front, place to put cigarettes or whatever in the middle and 2 cup holders at the back.

Knights of the Golden Circle, I just read Shadow Of The Sentinel by Bob Brewer about his hunt for KGC Treasure Caches. The book is a joke, but the KGC is very interesting reading. I've been reading old news clips about the KGC in the New York Times Archives for quite awhile now and there are a lot of them to read. It's a free sign up to use the pdf archives and in general they go back to 1851. So far the oldest I've found to read about the KGC was published August 23, 1859 only 5 years after it's founding. I would imagine there is a ton of other interesting news stories in the NYT Archives.

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