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What I got for Christmas

Au Seeker

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Just thought that this being the Gold Prospecting Forum, that I would post a picture of my Christmas present, it is a used but in very good condition Keene 4" dredge with a 3 stage sluice, oversized jet, and some other goodies to go with it.

I live on the east coast and we can still dredge here in the southeast for now so I will be putting this baby to good use this coming year and letting it start paying for itself!!

If any one else got some prospecting goodies for Christmas please post a picture of your new toys!!



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Guest bedrock bob

I dont do much dredging, but I do dive cold water when spearfishing. It is a lot like dredging inasmuch as you can spend several hours in and under water, but there is no pump or heat source for a warmer. I use a litte doo-dad that is really neat. It is a reusable chemical wetsuit warmer...

This is some type of food preservative, but I'll be darned if I can remember the chemical or trade name. It is a clear liquid a little more viscous than water inside a heavy silicone bladder with a little metal "clicker" inside... Just a piece of paper thin spring steel about the size of a dime with a dent in the middle. When you "click" the metal through the heavy plastic bag it starts a chemical reaction. The liquid slowly turns solid and produces a lot of heat for about 4 hours. Then you just boil the things and the salty solid becomes liquid again and you can "click" them whenever you need the heat.

They come in different shapes that fit in different places of your body, and then just little 3" X 4" bags. The ones you buy at the dive shops are expensive but you can get a nice tummy warmer as well as a "T" shaped to fit across your lower back and up your spine. In cold water I use one of the little "bags" down the front of my wetsuit and it pumps warm water across me for at least two hours and stays pretty warm for two more. I think they are about $20 bucks apeice (a few years ago) and I use them about 6-8 times before they begin to get a weak chemical reaction. I praise the darn things. When they get weak they still make pretty good warmers for out of the water.


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That is very interesting I would like to know the name of them if you ever remember what they're called, I will do some searching and see if I can find what they are.

Are these made exclusively for wet suits or does it have another application?



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