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Doc Holliday

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Hey everyone I am new to the forums. I am a member of the Nampa GPAA in Idaho and I am trying to plan a trip down to Feather river in California around July to do a little Highbanking and Metal detecting and was wondering if anybody has ever had any luck there? I am planning to join the national GPAA before than and hopefully they have some claims in the area to work. Hopefully they will not bann Highbanking to before I get there but with California it is hard to say. Anyways thanks and happy hunting. Doc

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Hello Doc,

I spent five days in the Paradise area this past June. There is plenty of country open for detecting, and a few water filled gullies and drainages that would be good for high banking. I've been told that highbanking is still OK provided you have a settling pond. Here is what I found in that area. First off, the old timers completely changed the Geography of the area with Hydro operations. Very little overburdon anywhere to be found, and very shallow bedrock. The biggest problem I found was trash everywhere. There are literally thousends of decaying cans, birdshot, and .22 shells. I would not even bother swinging your machine until you are 1/4-1/2 mile from any dirt road. By 11:00 its to hot to swing, so I would keep it to early AM, and highbank in the afternoon. A helpfull tidbid I caught (after the game), was to work as high up as possible, and right under the lava cap. I remember seeing it at the top of a few canyons, and read some chatter about it on a few posts. It might be worth a little more research. Next time I head up that direction, I will join a "local" club.

Good Luck,


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Where on the Feather??? There are three branches with the Middle Fork heading in the Sierra Valley, California. From just above Quincy to Sacramento is gold country...there are a lot of forum members familiar with that part of the gold country. Do your research there may be a club you can join to get access without being harrassed by claim owners...know the forrest service rules...they don't have much mercy in their little 'crat hearts...


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