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i need some help

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I found these a couple of years ago and they have just been sitting in my back yard. I picked them up because I thought they looked interesting. I am not a meteorite hunter nor do i even know what I have. a couple of months ago me and my father where on a coyote hunt when i saw a black rock that caught me eye, so i picked it up put it in my pocket took it home and showed my wife. she thought I was crazy but I decided to ask some other people and they all said It was a space rock. so I thought if those where what about these.

So none of the people I talked to are experts that's why I'm here.

let me know what you think.

a magnet does stick to them

they are heavy for there size

there is crystals on them

I have more pics but dont know how to post more then one. and i have more meteorites I think. =)


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Hi Pennyhunter,

Please be patient and try again to post your photos. We'd be glad to help you out in any way we can. Of course, a close-up photo also helps in identification. By the way, have you done a streak test yet?

Best Regards, Ben

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