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What to call it-Where to find it?


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Hi all

Maybe someone out there can shed a little light on my problem.

I am working on a product that will be of interest to many of

the good folks on this forum. To get it launched I need to find

a source for the twist locks that all of our detectors have.

I have Goggled cam lock,twist cam lock, twist lock, and about

15 others, no ,luck. If anyone out there has any ideas they

would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Best Regards


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I bought one for my Fisher Gold Bug 2, from my local detector dealer, as I was beginning to have some issues with the shaft locking mechanism. Never put it on, but it does require some type of adhesive to keep it in place.

I have no idea what the technical term is...


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Guest bedrock bob

A threaded shaft with the proper sized compression nut, and a buna or hypalon o-ring under the nut works peaches. It is effectively the same as what is found on a metal detector. All telescoping poles have them. The poles for painters, the poles for trimming trees, and the poles for washing a house (with the brush on one end and the garden hose on the other) all employ the plastic compression nuts. Some use an o-ring and some use collet fingers to grip the shaft, but all of them are generally the same principal.

Grainger, McMaster Carr, and also Sweets Catalog would be a great place to look. If I wanted to get a bunch of them and needed to get wholesale pricing I would check with White's Electronics in Sweet Home Oregon. They use them on their detector poles and the folks are really great to work with. I will bet that for just a few of them, you can buy them singly from Whites...just have to make sure your shaft is compatable with their hardware.

There is another, cleaner locking sytem used on extendable boat hooks and poles. It is a quarter turm mechanism that is INSIDE the end of the "male" or smaller pole and expands to grip the inside of the "female" pole. Nothing shows on the outside and all it takes is 1/4 turn to lock and unlock. No idea where toget that hardware, but I will bet that whoever carries the external pole locks also have the internal extension pole locks as well. And I would definitely google "extension pole hardware" and "extension pole locks". I got several hits on patents and products that utilize this mechanism. Ill bet you find it with that description.

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Hi Bob

Thanks for the input. Contacted Whites, they said they would call back with a price.

I'm looking for 50 to start, and to keep it affordable. There are others out there

I have one and quite sure many others do also, and they are not well made. Hesitated

to use it on my ML but only choice at the time. Thank You again.


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Aloha Herb,

As for my PM to you, I was thinking of something other than the twist lock (compression fitting). Once you get on from Whites I would try the McMaster book in one of the libraries near you for a manufacturers source.


Stan aka Kaimi

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