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Best Detector For Victorian Goldfields?

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Hi all,

Sorry but I'm probably a relative noob compared to most of you here when it comes to gold prospecting so I hope you can bare with me.

I'm looking to purchase a new detector for gold prospecting in the Victorian Goldfields in Australia and would like some advice. I currently have a detector (my first) which is a Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II. It's not a bad little machine but I'm after a bit of an upgrade.

I’ll be using my detector mostly in bushland/forested areas and will not generally have to worry about trash. For example I can use my QDII on all metal mode with no discrimination because I don’t need to worry about the trash etc and this should get me the best depth and sensitivity. At least according to the manual anyway. Another important aspect of my detecting is that I would also like to detect for meteorites at the same time. So I want it to pick up iron. I’d also like to use it on the beach occasionally too but that is not my primary intention.

I have been looking at the Whites MXT-300 with the Super 12 coil. Does anyone know if this will give better sensitivity and depth than my present QDII? Maybe that’s a silly question but I don’t want to spend ~$1000 for any new detector that is not going to be markedly better than my present one.

So I would appreciate anyone’s thoughts on this and if they have any recommendations for a particular detector. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Jeff...any GOLD detector will be far superior to what you

have now...the best gold detectors in the world are made

in your own back yard...The Minelab detectors have been

out for many years and have proven their worth(cost) and

their made in AU...the SD line has been out for 15 years

and the GP series are the newest of the line..also most

expensive...but these detectors were made for AU gold

field where mineralization is very bad...these detectors

will handle the mineralization very well and find the gold

that other detectors never hear....bottom line is: spend more

up front--find more....

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Thanks very much for that... it helps! I've heard the mineralisation problem is more in the northern half of Australia and since I'm down in southern Victoria it wasn't something I was so concerned about. I don't know how correct that is though? I was originally looking at the SE Pro but thought it might be a bit too complicated for what I need. That's one of the reasons I was thinking the MXT 300.



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