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WJB ... I was using the very same "instrument" picking up nails and screws in a friends driveway after they finished putting up a garage this past September. Took me a few minutes to figure out how to make it work but I finally got it and it worked fine for the surface and barely subsurface iron nails and aluminum screws.

Have fun playing and then get yourself a 4500! :thumbsupanim

Mike F.

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I believe I still have my 1961 Heathkit BFO that I bought( and built) from a kit from TandyCraft stores. Sure didn't work good BUT the beaches in redondo and Hermosa were paved in the 60's with silver and gold galore!! Sure miss them plain and simple no hassle old dayz :rolleyes: tons a au 2 u 2 -John

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It was brought out in the 1970's and there were versions of it up in to the 1980s. It was a very popular White's detector in it's day. Every now and then they show up on eBay and collectors will pay a few bucks for them. Here is a lot of info on them from a Google search and White's Electronics still has a pdf manual online for them.

Google Search

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This was one of my Grandpas old detectors. Kind of beat up. I wonder if it's worth seeing if it works?


Wow--that brings back memories. When I first started nugget hunting I rented one of those and took it to the Montana goldfields. I stopped a Bud Guthrie's in Helena, and he told me to throw it away, as it wouldn't handle the mineralization for nugget shooting--he did say it was a respectable coin machine, but just didn't have the circuitry to handle hot ground. Well you know what--he was right. In mild ground I found black powder balls, square nails, tin cans, pieces of wire, etc. But, anywhere the ground hit the hot range--it just wouldn't get in there and dance. So, thanks for the picture--I haven't thought of that machine, or that trip for years and years!

All the best,


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