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Having a little fun here.

My wife was helping me out in the garage. She put this cheapo Harbor Freight shop cart together. When I hear her let out a few explatives then start laughing. She got a little caught up in what she was doing to see the big picture. :zapped:

I got a pic before she could fix her mistake. :rasberry:


My link

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Thats great. My wife is very similar when it comes to stuff like that. I always make sure to give her a big hug and try not to laugh too much. I am always happy that my wife shares in building/fishing/all the things I like to do. Thanks for sharing!

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I have my own now.

While working on my prerunner, I was using a couple ratchet straps to compress the front end to measure the bump steer.

While I was drawing them down, one of the hooks came loose and caught me in the face. It cuaght me about 3/4" below my eye and got my mouth. While I was still seeing stars, I felt for my eye, then my front teeth, everything was still in place. So I was free to continue on and concentrate on my tirade of cuss words.

Here is a pic 4 days later: post-713-126197367579_thumb.jpg

live and learn....well I'm still living, not sure what I learned? :-)

PS I will move this pic to photobucket, when I get to work and my real interweb conection.

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Blake you must the luck of the Irish...last year my little ex-tunnel rat brother was

racheting down a show car he was transporting when the hook on the other side broke..

it flew over the top of the car...hit brother in the face...broke his nose...took out

his front teeth...and knocked him stone cold out...six months later he didn't look much

better so I bought the beer and BBQ...made him feel better....

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