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So you have an "open" diff in the rear. Same test will work front and rear.

Most of the time if the rear did not come with a traction aid, the front will not either. But anything is possible.

What kind of time frame are you looking at get your mechanic to get the parts?


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Blake I replaced the rear diff. a year ago with the open diff...at the time I had

no idea where to guy a traction aid diff. down here...a couple of months ago

when it took me six tries to get up that little gravel hill I noticed each time

when I backed down that the front wheels were pulling..one time the left would

be spinning and next the right would be spinning...now I have to do your test on

the front...the place in San Paulo where I bought the new plastic fuel tank got

it here to my house in four days and they say they have the Lock Rite or some

version of it...with my bad Portuguese it's difficult to ask them a lot of questions

to determine if it really is a Lock Rite type...this morning I drove through a

man made dirt dam that had water flowing over it...sure was wishing for the

"traction aid"...but everything worked out ok...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Blake I got the main fuel tank replaced....it's under the front passenger seat...

48 ltr....12 gal......still waiting for the plastic reserve tank in the back

under the bed...90lt...22.5 gal.....just bought four computers so I'll have to

wait until after Christmas for the "traction aid"....

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Sorry for the late reply Terry...in most countries out of the USA when you marry...

you don't just marry a woman but instead her family....computers for two grand-ma's...

a brother-in-law and me....(4)....WHEW!!!!

Also still waiting for the plastic reserve fuel tank...and the

"traction enhancing device"....

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The Mother of three of my children is from San Salvador, El Salvador. I feel your pain.. LOL - Terry

Sorry for the late reply Terry...in most countries out of the USA when you marry...

you don't just marry a woman but instead her family....computers for two grand-ma's...

a brother-in-law and me....(4)....WHEW!!!!

Also still waiting for the plastic reserve fuel tank...and the

"traction enhancing device"....

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Blake...hope your new year started off good...I'm still waiting for my reserve

fuel tank...got the main tank and it's installed...$261.00 for the tank and $80.00

to have it installed...did a count on the rear diff.....splines on the axle (30)...

teeth on one set of spider gears (16)....other spider gear (10)...in your research

does Lock Right have an application for this set-up?...I'm hesitant about opening

up the front axle...a real can of worms...the Toyota doesn't have diff. covers...

their solid housings so it means pulling the entire axle out or taking the drive

shafts out and then the cover will open up....called the 4x4 company in San

Paulo yesterday and they don't have any idea what a locking diff. is...maybe more

calls today to other parts houses....

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Below is some info a guy sent me. Like the name plate on your door states you have a OJ55.

its actually a Bandeirante. (-R)

early 60s, parts from Japan assembled in Brazill. Late 60s, all parts and assembly in Brazil. Early 70s went with benz dsl. Early 90s back to yota 14b. production ended in 00-01? If its a crew cab like it looks in the pic, it may be later than 85? With a veh with such limited tech information (for us) your best bet is to contact THE GURU! Marv at SOR! (thats who gave me the scoop) The odder the better! he lives for that crap!

the short of it, not a bj55 I think those where OJ's? Their slightly longer version of the fj40 was OJ50 and their pick up stuff where OJ55's. I wouldnt assume it shares alot of the same parts as "our" Land Cruisers. Different factorys, different countrys, later years brazil made all their own stuff. The lunch box stuff is SOOO fussy with side gears tollerances, the odds of the odd ball stuff jiving is slim. but,.... ya never know??? get ahold of Marv Spector at Spector off road

Here is a link to Spector Off Road, They specialize in Toyota Land Cruisers

Spector Off Road

You might have find some # on the axel its self to make sure exactly what your axel is.

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There is another possibility....pricey but maybe in the long run the best way to go...

here the new full size Toyota P/U is the Hilux...$75,000.00 USD...possibly the rear

diff. would change out for my P/U....and it is a "locker" have to check the

gear ratio's....

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  • 1 month later...

Hey Blake...another mod on the Toyota...ten years ago the mechs here said it couldn't be

done but I installed a 80 ltr.(20gal.) reserve tank where the spare should be...since

then the tank is nothing but a rust bucket...when I transfer fuel up to the main tank the

fuel filter is full of rust before the reserve tank is empty...so last week threw away the

steel tank and bought a new plastic 110ltr.(28gal.)488.800 bucks..after the brackets

and paying the mech for his help and tools...float...new fill tube...600.00+...still have

to adjust a bracket but gave the whole set-up the test yesterday by going to the rough

dirt roads for 15 miles...it didn't fall on the ground so guess it's ok...


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I have a 12V fuel pump bolted to the frame just above the rear

axle with the line going up through the floor and then tapped

into the fill hose of the main tank under the passenger seat...

The mech did a very poor job of installing the new rear tank as

you can see so now I'll have to have it redone and the protective

plate installed...

Here's a locking diff of some kind here in Brazil..so what you

think...Bloqueio Diferencial KAISER Troller DANA 44 - 30 estrias

English:Locking Differential KAISER Troller DANA 44 to 30 grooves

Here's the site address...the diff is to the left of the

yellow top battery...the price translates to about $1325.00USD...

I don't know but I believe it has to be set up correct or problems


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Thanks for the help sandgroper...heybeerman on this forum found

out my Toyota is a JU55...Brazilian made 1986...and that's a

good idea about finding one like mine and doing a swap out..

the biggest problem there is nobody here takes care of their

Toyota's except me..ten years ago I gave 8,000.00 for it and since

then have put 35,000.00 in it...the other problem is Toyota

quit making this pickup in 2000 and parts are getting very

hard to find...especially locking diffs...at the moment I'm

leaning toward a Lok-Rite spider gear replacement....

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looking at your reserve tank photo,looks like a tojo Fj40 rear end to me,they used the same carrier for alot of years,

aus got a lot of different versions of the land cruiser.

My favourite being the trooper,rode many many times down the mine in the back of a diesel trooper in west aus,if you got a used carrier

with the right ratio its easy to see the wear,change bearings and install posi at the same time make sure the backlash is right and

swap it out,if you need anything mailed out from socal let me know,mike

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Mike sure sounds like you know what your talking about..down

here there's a lot of problems trying to get something as simple

as a locking diff...simple up there but almost impossible here...

last Sept. when I was in OKC a real 4x4 shop was telling me about

the Lok-Rite locking spider gears...sounds like what I'm going to

have to put in the diff...IF I could find a locking diff here

then I would have the problem of finding a mech that knows how to

set it up...there is no mechs in this town that have ever been to

a auto mech school...all shade tree stuff...a few descent other

out in left field...just like the mech the other day that wouldn't

even begin to install the reserve tank until I had a undercarriage

wash..twice...so he wouldn't get dirt on his clothes...my normal

mech was covered up with work..the other day he had another JU55

with the rear axle pulled for replacement and I got the number of

teeth off of it..axle has 30..on the spider it has 16 and 10...

heybeerman also like this set-up and thinks it would be my best

bet...thanks for your help...

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  • 1 month later...

Morning Blake...Mike...Frank C......finally part of my problems are now solved...did most of

the work myself...since I had most of the pieces from the old reserve tank installation I

just had to make a few modifications...the new 110 Lt. tank is about 4" deeper (lower) than

the previous one...so I re-positioned the other "new" installation which like Frank said

looked like Mr. McGoo installed it...then measured and had the pieces cut and drilled to fit

the protective plate...had to have some welding done and then bolted everything in place

and it seems to work ok...

Have to ask a question here...I'll be going for a visit to Okla. in July and I'm planning

on buying the LockRite assisted traction spider gear(s) for the Toyota...my plan is to pull

both the front and rear diffs to make sure their the same....my ? is: would it be just as

good to just count the splines and gears or better to take one of the spider gears with me?

As long as I'm in 4x2 and the front axles are not locked could I drive with the front spider

gear removed? Yea I know...dumb ass questions!!!! Thanks

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I would think you should be OK with just counting the axel splines, but with that thing being built by a company going through a transition like they were, there is no telling. I guess taking the gear with you would be the safest bet.

The spyder gear supports the axel in the diff carrier. Even with everything "unlocked" there is a chance of the Transfer case still turning a little, like when the fluid is cold. That could mess up the carrier if the axel end could touch it. Plus you would damage the seal cause all of the weight of the axel would be on it, instead of being supported by the spyder gear and carrier.

You could leave the axel out completely, and stuff the end of the axel tube with rags and seal it with duct tape. I've driven hundreds of miles like that.


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