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Just my thoughts, If I was going to get a machine for gold and meteorites then it would have to be a GMT.....That is just my opinion.

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I went from a GB to a GB2. I have found Gold, Silver and many other items (coins and such) with my GB2. Many enthusiasts swear by it as do I. If you have other detectors, it is a great compliment to your arsonal. Thats my two cents.

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Guest bedrock bob

The GBII is the best shallow depth/tiny target machine out there. The GMT comes close to the tiny size and rivals the GBII for depth in general. Still, for what it does it is tough to beat the GBII for an all around hot detector for small (tiny) flakes. It is tough to beat the GMT for that application as well. Both are fine machines.

Neither will reach the depth that PI will, so I believe that 2 detectors are needed to get the job done. I use a PI and a GBII, but will soon add a GMT to the arsenal as well. I believe that the GMT probably combines the best of both worlds. Probably not as sensitive to the ultra small particles as the GBII, and probably not quite as deep on the big uns as a PI, but a great compromise!

And also, it will depend a heck of a lot on the ground you intend to hunt. There are areas that a VLF detector is useless, as well as areas that a PI is useless. So, there is a lot more to the criteria than the specs of the machine, its depth, size limitations, etc.etc.

My ONLY objection to the GMT is the "screen" on the pole. It is a hassle and does not allow the machine to be hip mounted easily. I hate to have all of that hardware on the pole as I cant throw the detector down to dig, I beat the stuff up and it gets dirty and scratched on the pole. Also, IT IS HEAVY. A detector mounted in a camera bag over your shoulder is light, keeps things clean and undamaged, and allows freedom to dig and crawl around underground without ruining the detector. I dont know why Whites would have made the only type of gold detector that has this limitation, but they did.

Bedrock Bob

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I've been using the GBII for three years; I can attest it will go small, sometimes too small, if your meteorite hunting and pick up a stray #8 quail shot, 2.29 mm, and 5 minutes goes by as you dig it up and locate it. It can get a little chatty in areas with a lot of hot rocks, and to balance it out, you of course loose sensitivy. If it ever breaks, I'd get another one. But, I'd like to try out a GMT. Clifton

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