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Possible Meteorite???

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I live in central Arizona, and found what I believe might be a meteorite. It was found a few days before the Leonid Meteor shower hit full force. I will stick some pictures on here, but here is what I know so far. It does attract a magnet, but not real strong. It also will set off a metal detector, but not as if it were solid iron. It is rather heavy, but not as heavy as if it were solid iron. Thats about all I know.

Here are some pictures. I took them next to a 6 inch ruler.





Any and all opinions would be appreciated. Also, if anyone knows where else I might send the pictures for more information please share.

thanks, Darren

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Darren, welcome to the forum! Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be a meteorite. Pictures are always hard to tell, but it looks at first glance like obsidian or volcanic glass. However, when you look at the bottom, it would appear as some thing once molten, similar to slag, or terrestrial magnetite that was once molten. Sorry to bear the bad news, but there is a very good web site that can give a good visual about meteorworngs. Keen hunting and pick everything up, Jason. ;)


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Darren, you can do a streak test. This is done by taking the questionable rock and streaking it across an unglazed piece of tile or the underside of a toilet lid. If the rock leaves a streak of brown or black, then it's terrestrial. A meteorite may give a very light gray, to no streak. There are also tests that involve testing for nickel, but it really doesn't have the typical characteristics that a majority of meteorites have. Good luck and keep hunting. Jason ;)

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I also have to agree with Jason. There is a lot of this type stone way out north of the tracks in Franconia. It is very magnetic and does sound off on my GMT, sure gets my heart pumping when I run my coil over one of these stones, especially if it is buried.

Keep trying and better luck next time.


Stan aka Kaimi

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