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Yo All...Thanks for the happy birthday wishes...Got out both yesterday and today...Today I got the skunk, but yesterday's finds totaled 9.2 grams (a 7 grammer and two 1.1 grammers)... The 7 grammer was down 18" and the other two were shallow ... All three were dug right out of a schist bedrock ... Found all three with good ol' Baboo (SD2100) and NF 14" Mono ... Doc's signal enhancer & Black Widows ... I was amazed at how loud the signal on the deep one was...When I got the coil over the spot, I figured it was down maybe 6 or 8 inches ...I really got excited as I kept going deeper and deeper because the only signals I've ever gotten in this patch have been gold ... I finally got down to the bedrock and dug out about 4" of schist before I got it out of the hole ... A real screamer and a great birthday gift from the gold gods....I also got an extra bonus of finding an arrowhead ...Here's pix... Cheers, Unc








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Ok Unc...let's see now if I have it all down...birthday...NF14"(NF17"for me)...

two different beepers...signal enhancer...ear phones...(thinking..have I forgot

anything?)OOOOHhhhh yea...GPS coords!!!!...thanks in advance....nice earrings

for the Mrs. Christmas....Congrats 2....

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