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Why Southern California is Different From The Rest of America   You may have heard on the news about a southern California man put under 72-hour psychiatric observation when it was found

NO SEX AFTER SURGERY A recent article in the San Francisco Examiner reported that Nancy Pelosi has sued Stanford  Hospital, saying that "after her husband had surgery there, he lost all inte

Cowboy at the Pearly Gates A cowboy appeared before St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.'Have you ever done anything of particular merit?' St. Peter asked. 'Well, I can think of one thing,' the cowbo

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Beer-flavored ice cream stirs controversy ( BORA PRO BAR TAKE AN ICE CREAM)


Never mind rum raisin.

A Brazilian brewer is churning up controversy over an ad for beer-flavored ice cream that some claim could encourage children and adolescents to drink.

Ambev brewery, the owner of the global beer brand Skol, has an ad that shows a yellow ice cream box with a beer lid, followed by the tagline, “Shall we go to the bar to have an ice cream?” According the AFPexternal-link.png, the ice cream does not contain any alcohol, but the National Council for Self-Regulation, a non-governmental consumer watchdog group, claims that the ad will encourage underage drinking.

Since it's linked with a beer company, you must be be 18 or older to buy the ice cream — per Brazil’s legal drinking age.

In the U.S., there's a growing trend to add alcohol to ice cream. Fermental, a beer and wine shop in Wilmington, N.C., sells wine ice cream, although you have to be you have to be 21 to buy it, reports Fox19.external-link.png

Tip The Wagon Dessertsexternal-link.png has a grown up line of sorbets and ice cream infused with alcohol based on classic drinks like chocolate martini, lemon drop, and pina colada.

And SnoBar sells alcohol-infused ice pops in select liquor stores throughout Arizona, with flavors that include margarita and Cosmopolitans.

This isn't the first time Ambev took a classic food item and added beer flavoring. Last year, the company received another warning for beer-flavored Easter eggs.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/04/01/beer-flavored-ice-cream-stirs-controversy/?intcmp=features#ixzz2PFfrBo7Z

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Understanding Engineers

A priest, a doctor, and an engineer were waiting one morning for a particularly slow group of golfers. The
engineer fumed, "What's with those guys? We must have been waiting for fifteen
minutes!" The doctor chimed in, "I don't know, but I've never seen such inept
golf!" The priest said, "Here comes the greens-keeper. Let's have a word with
him." He said, "Hello George, What's wrong with that group ahead of us? They're
rather slow, aren't they?" The greens-keeper replied, "Oh, yes. That's a group
of blind firemen. They lost their sight saving our clubhouse from a fire last
year, so we always let them play for free anytime!." The group fell silent for a
moment. The priest said, "That's so sad. I think I will say a special prayer for
them tonight." The doctor said, "Good idea. I'm going to contact my
ophthalmologist colleague and see if there's anything she can do for them." The
engineer said, "Why can't they play at night?"
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Daddy Long Legs

Stories about children and their views of the world are always touching.


A father watched his young daughter playing in the garden.
He smiled as he reflected on how sweet and pure his little girl was.
Tears formed in his eyes as he thought about her seeing the wonders of nature through such innocent eyes.
Suddenly she just stopped and stared at the ground.

He went over to her to see what work of God had captured her attention.

He noticed she was looking at two spiders mating.
'Daddy, what are those two spiders doing?' she asked.
'They're mating,' her father replied.
'What do you call the spider on top?' she asked.
a Daddy Longlegs,' her father answered.
'So, the other one is a Mommy Longlegs?' the little girl asked.
As his heart soared with the joy of such a cute and innocent question he replied, 'No dear.. Both of them are Daddy Longlegs.'
'The little girl, looking a little puzzled, thought for a moment, then lifted her foot and stomped them flat..

Well, she said, that may be OK in California , but we're not having any of that $hit in Mississippi.

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Two Muslim families moved from Afghanistan to America.

When they arrived, the two fathers made a bet: In a year's time, whichever family had become more Americanized would win.
A year later they met.

The first man said, "My son is playing baseball, I had McDonald's for breakfast and I'm on my way to pick up a case of Bud... how about you?"

The second man replied, "Stuff it , rag-head."

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Bucket, they took it down....

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Don ... Didn't think you would put that one up ... I did think it very funny ... and well can you imagine ... turns my stomach!!!!! :) Mike

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Hell, Why not post it?

We have a Undocumented Possible Alien for a President!

They guy Will not show his Birth Cirt.

It looks like he has been running on a SSN number issued to a guy that is 120 Years old now.

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Don't disagree with anything you have said ... just a little surprised based on a couple others you didn't post ... must have been a beer short of sanity with the others! LOL

Mike F

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Bucket, they took it down....

the link still worked for me just now.

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After years of study.....intense observations.....and personal interviews of many female subjects while on the

golf course.....club house......Officers Club after hours and secret overseas missions our retired Air Force

General has been kind enough to draw out his findings......posted below:




I had no idea.

You learn something every day.

This is much simpler than I thought!

No need to thank me, Just trying to keep friends informed and educated.

Ret. Gen. Mike

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I saw that and did not think it to offensive for a forum......

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I failed a Health and Safety course at the Senior Center today.

One of the questions was:

"In the event of a fire, what steps would you take?"

"Frigging' big ones" was apparently the wrong answer.

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Subject: Fwd: Aircraft hits 4 buildings

Showing the dangers of attending air show events, this is tough to watch.

Amazing photo below shows great detail. The pilot at low level had no control over his aircraft.

It narrowly misses a crowd gathered for the air show and slams into four buildings.

One can only imagine the horror of the occupants inside those buildings.


No one was killed but, it probably scared the crap out of them.

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