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Hello all, I haven't posted to many nuggets one this forum awhile so I thought I would post what I found today. LuckyLundy and I headed out to the gold fields today to try our luck. Well we had a little luck, just enough to keep the skunk off our backs. We have pulled a ton of nuggets off this patch, but they are all river worn and smooth for the most part. I like those nice little slugs as they give the best signal, these odd shaped and rough nuggets don't always sound so good. I took a couple of pictures today of the nugget I found today and some of the nuggets from this week from the same patch. If I seen this nugget I would never guess it came from the same patch. The shape and color are way off. Rick found a really nice rough one today too, but I don't have a picture of it. This one is right at 1gram Ricks was 1 pennyweight.

Great character


As you can see she don't look like she belongs


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Can you say "Chunky peanut butter". My niece was standing behind me when I pulled up the pic of the nugget and that was the first thing she said. Very nice nugget.


Stan aka Kaimi

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