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2 More for the collection

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Got out and dug some dirt saturday but alas I only saw a few flakes, NEEDLESS to say I lost interest in that kind of manual labor and Sunday I hunted meteorites instead of diggin fer gold. Nailed a 21 and 32 grammer.

Grabbed 2 more for the collection one of them was in a spot only mountain goats would travel.

Its too bad theres less meteorites than gold out there cause I sure LOVE hunting them little devils. :whoope:

Hapy Huntn


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Aloha Frank,

Looks like you are just stuck with finding meteorites for now eh!baaasmiley.gif

Nice specimens for sure. Keep up the good work and them yellow nuggies just may get in you way later on.thumbsupsmileyanim.gif


Stan aka Kaimi

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