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gold probes?


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I think Coiltek makes one that goes on the shaft of Minelab PI Detectors, but to be honest they are more trouble than they are worth when nugget hunting as recovery is best done with hand or plastic scoop IMHO. :twocents:

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robbor...generally speaking their a waste of time and money but...when I~m in DEEP nugget territory and using

a large coil...18 inches or larger...I carry an old Coiltek 3 inch mono probe(no longer made)...it~s bulky...

and a mess to put up with until a hole gets past about 15^...after that it~s almost impossible to pin-

point with a large coil...so it~s either dig a monster hole or use a probe...99% of the time you don~t

need one....

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Guest bedrock bob

it has been my experience that a good digger is all you need. A PI machine is definitely harder to pinpoint with, but a big old pick and a few hard swings will bring ANYTHING out of the hole...Just make sure that you dont hit your target with the pick.

When you have a deep tapered hole it gets frustrating. Especially with a PI and a big coil. I spent a lot of time pecking away an inch at a time and trying to surgically extract nuggets like I did with the GBII/VLF machine and a tiny coil. Forget it. Just dig it up and get it out of the ground and in the spoils pile. From there pinpointing is easy.

If my signal says it is likely a deep target, and I cant move it with a scuff of the shoe, I swing 6" beyond the target and go deep. No screwing around. Once I get a hole 6" deep I check for a signal. If it is stil in the hole another 6" until I get it in the pile. Unles you are in a cobble pile where a small nugget will keep working its way down into the rock it works great. Swing hard enough to get the blade of the pick under the nugget and bring it up so you can get your hands on it.

Oh, and once you dig that big hole check it AGAIN for other targets, and then fill it in and check it again. A small nugget can hide from a PI and sometimes tou wil get a 2 fer if you check the hole relaly good.


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Robbor, when I started w/ an explorer looking for coins, I had a 1" probe that helped me find the target w/o making a mess of someones yard (screwdriver, didn't work for me?). My first Minelab PI, also thought I needed one, a 1" probe, which I ordered and still have. Learned how to pinpoint and dig target out of the hole (which I should of done first-duh!).

I've used it twice (in the last 7 years) and that was when I was using a 20" round coil. It helped, but after awhile, it wasn't needed.


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thanks all. I was not refering to using in conjunction with a detector but rather as a few units have been made to be used as their own detector stand alone.

Shep, Got the handle on my pick used a baseball bat turned down. I had to give it a few good whacks to get it on and the weld cracked 3/4 the way around. Gonna have it rewelded after the holidays and add the magnet holder. Hoping i can get it doen with out my really nice new $2.50 handle burning up.

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