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Uncle Ron

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Yo All ... I had a particularly enjoyable day in AZ's awesome Sonoran Desert today...Gold, artifacts and adventure ... There's an area I've been putting by for several years that for some reason I just didn't tackle ... The mineralization looked good, but I knew it was going to be a fair hike in ... So today I took off to the top of the mountain to see what was on the other side...On Google Earth, it looked interesting...Lots of red dirt and colorful mineralization ... When I got to the top of the ridge, the first thing I saw was a matate and mano, sitting there on the ground just the way the Indian left it hundreds or maybe a couple thousand years ago ... That gave me a good feeling about the area ... I hooked up ol' Baboo with the NF 14" DD XP I've been using exclusively the past couple weeks and headed down into a semi-steep drainage ... Only a couple hundred feet down I got my first signal ... It was faint and more up on the side of the gully than actually in the gut ... But there it was .. A nice little .7 gram smooth beauty with no rock in it ... Further down, about another 100' I got a screamer right in the middle of the gut and packed down in some hard red material ... This one was the biggest for the day at 2.3 grams and solid gold ... Another smooth waterworn nugget in an area of angular sharp rocks...Puzzling ... Down the gulch just another 5' I got another signal...1.2 grams ... all of them were water worn and totally different than the gold I've found within a two mile radius of this spot ... Puzzling .... So here's some pix of nuggets, finds and the Indian goodies... As I was coming out of the mountains, I almost had a head on with a guy on a quad whoe was the first of about seven or eight older guys driving like banshees on a gulch... When I got down to where the truck was and talked to the sheriffs, it turned out one of those older guys flipped his quad and had to be airlifted out to a Phoenix hospital...It's sure getting to be that time of the year that a guy needs to stick to the back trails to keep from getting run over by snowbirds!!! ...Other than that, Great day in the big AZ... Cheers, Unc





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Awesome, as always Ron!... your daily adventures are an inspiration to us all :)

This snowbird is heading your way tomorrow (well, N. Nevada and "somewhere" in the big AZ)for the next 3 months or so - gotta break the permaskunk off of the 2200D with a fresh NF Advantage 25 mono... no worries about me running you off the road, though - I always stay off the beaten path.

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Right on Unc. :whoope: Good story as usual. My hunting partner and I were on our way home from your neck of the woods this week, and we saw about the same thing. Lots of badges and a plane griding the area over the Kirkland area. Looks like its that time of the year.


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Good work Unc...especially like hearing about you using Google Earth...I use it when possible....here there's 1,000's of miles of dirt roads and most lead to gold bearing areas

after getting a birds eye view...getting the distance on roads and GPS coords sure save a lot of time "lost"...my biggest problem is about 50% of the Google terrain is so

bad it's impossible to see anything....thanks for sharing....

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