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USS Arizona Stolen Silver Recovered.

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Now don't this take the cake! A Navy diver back in WWII was recovering remains and weapons from the sunken Arizona in Pearl Harbor, he also took some of the ship's formal silverware. He died in 1964 and his family was just now going to auction the silverware off at a Cincinnati auction house. The Navy heard about it and put a stop to the sale of the items next month. Below and right of the picture is a link to a couple more pictures including the the Navy diver. The story is here in yesterday's Honolulu Star Bulletin.

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Read this article the other day and could not believe that someone would actually stoop to stealing something from the resting place of so many brave men. This guys family,not matter their reasons,should be ashamed for trying to sell these articles.

This is part of our history and should remain on display for all to see. Hopefully it gets put on display at the USS Arizona memorial in Hawaii.


Stan aka Kaimi

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