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Minelab E-Trac?????

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Anyone here tried the new E-Trac? Just wondering how you like it and the "Pros" and "Cons" of the new machine? Any bugs that need to be worked out on it by Minelab? I am considering purchasing one, and am trying to decide between new and used??????

Also, what would be the top three accessory coils you would use with it?

Thanks for the suggestions and input!!!

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Hi R sorry for the late reply but I had a etrac for a while and ran it through its paces--I did'nt really care for it as it lacked seemed to lack depth as compared to the explorer/SE family plus they changed up the ID scale---one thing I did notice though was it did seem a bit faster in recovery speed when workin in trashy areas which was a plus and it was better balanced than the old line of explorers and it seemed to hit better on gold items---if you were to buy one I would buy new so that you have the warrenty with it--as far as coils--the stock coil is good all arounder and get your self a sunray 5 inch coil for the really trashy areas which by the way Bill Southern just happens to sell both thumbsupsmileyanim.gif ---hope this helps---Mike C...ph34r2.gif

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