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Uncle Ron

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Sorry for the double post. Really struggling with this new format...Story of the find is in the next post, I hope...Cheers, Unc






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Yeh, I know what you mean Ron, this new format takes soooo long to come up on dial-up, I could smoke two cigarretts and drink two cups of coffee, before anything loads up. Disapionting to say the least. Grubstake

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Nice nugget Uncle Ron.

I had a bad time with this new format when Rod switched to it. With Rod's suggestions to several of us we got it straightened out. If you are running IE8 go to "Tools" above in the lower right corner of your browser. In "Tools" you will find "Compatibility View Settings" open it and you'll get this.


Highlighted is what I typed in and added to the the list and it ended my problems with this new format.

I have MSN-9 Dialup, which has it's own browser and the new format won't work there. A lot of guys said they ran Fire Fox and had no problem with the new format. I have Vista and tried Fire Fox and not only the new format wouldn't work but a lot of other unrelated stuff.

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:*&$*(: Thank much FM--I too am having a chore with this new I8 mess. ElD helped by posting le trap pix for me. When I scan--it disappears and can't even find it on the new program. This old dog just learned the old ways awhile back and here I am again. :stupidrb: GREAT STORY & NUGGET UR-tons a au 2 u 2 -John Reminds me of the new Apple commercial-tooooooooooooooooooooo many worthless window versions-NO UPGRADE FOR XP either-retrabution for public Vista scorn?????

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