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Geo2,that's an old Braun jaw crusher circa 1912..so old that the Bico-Braun company has no records or info on that model.They didn't even know of it's existence till I asked for info on The unit and sent them pictures.The model is the lightning jaw crusher,ha,ha.Just a small sampling unit and still works great.There are many plans for crushers and mills on the internet.

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Great to see pictures of that old crusher Dave!

I was the person that sold that crusher to Dave and originally purchased it from the guy in Nevada City who collects antique mining equipment. Can't remember his name, but have his business card and bill of sale somewhere around here. Dave, I did find my original bill of sale from the guy a year or so ago. I was wrong on my purchase price and sold it to you for a hundred bucks less than I paid for it. Oh well, I am glad that it is being used. It sure is a great piece of mining history.

If anybody is interested, I have a like new Bico Chipmunk crusher that I am going to sell. Our plans for using it fell through. Also have one of the Keene sampling impact crushers that will be for sale also. It is the kind that sits on top of a 5 gallon bucket. I'll post pictures of both units if anybody is interested in buying them.

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