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Schisty Gold

Uncle Ron

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Yo All...Got out in today's awesome weather and tried several spots ... Then went back to the area where I found the quartz stringers through schist ... I took a heavy pick with me and whaled away at the schist deposit...Moved a bunch of rotten rock, but no gold... Then I started around on the hillside moving very, very slowly with the 14" DD NF XP coil ... I got a whisper and down about 8" in the schist deposit a nice little 1.1 DWT nugget ... I headed down the little drainage on the hillside about 40 feet and up popped another one also down about 8" ... An odd thing about the area around the schist vein is this strange quartz deposit that looks like a bumpy brain ...I've never quite seen anything like it...Guess I'll call this the Bumpy Brain Patch.... :yuk-yuk: All in all a fun $120 day findin' gold in the Big AZ ... Cheers, Unc



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Aloha Ron,

Looks like you might have to go back and "Pick that brain" a little more.laught16.gif

Nice going with the find.

Aloha and keep on digging.

Stan aka Kaimi

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Good stuff here Unc....reminds me of finding my first schist patch years ago down here...it

had already been beeped clean but having nothing else to do I put on a Coiltek Joey DD Pro..

found several small ones the others couldn't hear but they were the right color...since then

I've been lucky to do it again three more times...reminds me...that was with my GP Extreme...

hhmmm..I now have a GP4000...hot darn know where to go next week...thanks for the reminder...

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Hey Ron,

Outstanding finds! I HAVE seen those "brain patch" things before, and have even saved a few. They came from an old, oxidized, vein in in porphory and granite that I found in the Walker area. The vein also goes through schist in some places. The oldtimers stoped it up to the surface in places, and in others, there are only pits and trenches at the surface. Years ago I found some small gold in the waste rock with my old Goldbug 1. The "brain patch" chunks that I found, were from the wall of the vein. Cool stuff Ron!


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Guest bedrock bob

Hey Ron, have you ever found any schisty nickels out there??? :lol:

That is some nice gold. You consistently find those rough dirty klunkers. The usually look like they have good dimension to them as well. Nothing like thick gold!


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