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Yesterday when I was out in the field I lost my phone! Normally I have my GPS with me, but it was not working, dead batteries.

So I had my wife start calling the phone, while I was back tracking up this Mtn. It was, how stupid could I be to lose the phone in the firs place, now I got to go back up this Mtn. again to try to find it! My wife said she thought that she heard it off to the left of where I was going. She would call it then hang up. I didn't want this thing to keep ringing.

Each call would show up on the phone as a missed call, that had a ring tone that I could hear.

The point of this is make sure that if you can change your ring tones make the one for missed calls as loud as you can get it to be, and something that you will be able to hear out in the field. This just might save you from buying a new phone!


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Aloha Rick,,

Total bummer on losing the phone. Hope you can find it before the battery runs down.


Stan aka Kaimi

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I did find the phone, that is why I put up the post to tell everybody to change your phone settings so you have something that you can hear out in the field.

The missed phone call setting on the phone would work best.

Hope to see you all again in Dec.


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