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Is that a meteorite ? (HR pictures)

Guest CyberMaker

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Guest CyberMaker

Hello All.

Just found this stone with my metal detector, Tesoro Lobo supertraq.

Is that a meteorite ??.

Weight : 727 G / 25,64 onces

Dimensions : 9x6x6 Cm / 3,54 x 2,36 x 2,36 inches

Density : 4.3

Magnetic : Yes



Cut of 2 x 3 cm / 0.78 x 1.18 inches

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

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CM, as most will say, pictures are hard to tell. However, from my experience (And I'm not an expert by any means) but it does not look like a meteorite. The huge "hole" in the middle of your window looks like that of something man-made or from Earth. Check out the link or do a search on the net of Meteorite wrongs and compare yours with other that have been thought meteorites. And welcome to the forum, there are a lot of knowledgeable people here with great insight to meteorites and hunting them. Best of luck, Jason. ;)


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Nice try and great pictures. However, this is 100% NOT a meteorite....sorry. It is Slag like - probably slag. I usually don't answer these type of questions on forums since usually everyone else will and I don't have to be the bad guy. In this case though since only two people answered and one said likely yes and one said likely no I decided to answer.

Keep on hunting you will find one!

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Guest CyberMaker

Hello all.

Thank you very much for your answers !.

For freelancer79d this stone come from the Basque Country in France.

For Jayray : Thank you for your answer, i've seen the links ... not a meteorite i think.

For Mr-Meteorite : Thank you very much for your time and your answer ... maybe next time it will be a real meteorite ...

See you all.

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Guest CyberMaker

Sorry i don't know how i can edit my last post.

And no problem i know it's slag ...

Just a last picture of my iron rock, maybe it can be helpful for the others.


Thank you again for all !.

PS : I have this other stone, i think it's hematite, not lucky.


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hi there , i dont think it's a meteorites at all because of the yellow material inside,good luck with your next one.

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