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Gold in Crystal


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kuger - Wow wow wow!

I am absolutely amazed by that one!

I am aware that gold inclusions have been recovered, though quietly held - but yours is stunning!

Thanks for sharing, I sincerely appreciate it... Ever thought of taking it to Tuscon and showing it around??? $$,$$$

Best Regards,


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Thanks,to both of you!Yes it is worth major $$$$$$$......how much,I have been told several times priceless,and yes I have standing offers.The unfortunate thing about it is that given its rarity,its not something I could sell and hope to ever repeat,I figure I will pass it down so maybe I wont be forgotten when I am gone.It also stinks that I have to keep it locked up in a safe deposit box and dont get to see her often,but beautiful piece it is!Thanks again!!!

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Thats a nice one kuger! I found a tiny specimen that is gold on crystal, nothing like your amazing piece, but I still thought it was cool when I found it.

WOW!!that is cool Wes,on here are the only other ones I have seen ,only heard stories!!Thanks for sharing that!!!

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Hey guys,

Wow to both of those crystal specimens! What rare finds. I am sure they are unforgettable. I would love to hear the story behind both of those finds. Congradulations.

Kuger-Come on up this way for a hunt one of these days. I would like to talk to you about some relic spots I know of also.

Wes-The weather is changing. I look forward to hunting with you this season.



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RELICS???!!!Did you say RELICS?As Dave has told you I am sure relics are my down fall I am all ears when we can get together,where are you??P.M. me.I was actually hunting for relics when I found this piece.I wasnt having a lot of luck but was in an area where we used to dig crystals when I was a kid,and had not been around there for years so I decided to swing over that way.I got a pretty good signal and opened up a hole in the red clay,mud,checked the hole,still there,actually did that a couple times and took out bigger scoops each time,after I no longer got the signal,I started back tracking through the sticky muck spoils,went by the crystal(threw it aside without air testing it,as it was covered in clay,but I could see that it was a crystal)when I went through the pile and hole again and had no signal I thought "what the hell",so I made a sweep over the surrounding are and happen to sweep over the crystal.....giving a signal,when I smeared the clay off I about sh&(!!

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