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A new twist on electronic dowsing rods

lotsa luck

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This is a sad way to rip off people.


"The promise of the ADE 651 is seductive: a handheld detector, which susses out bombs, guns, drugs, and human bodies from up to a kilometer away. And the Iraqi military swears by it! One problem: It doesn't seem to work.

To be able to instantly detect contraband like this would be a gamechanger in Iraq, where the (effectively) free transit of roadside bombs and IEDs is a constant threat, so the Iraqi government is willing to pay a premium for devices that promise as much—they've already bought 1,500 of the detectors, which are almost definitely just electric whisks with antennae, at a price of $16,500 to $60,000 each. Despite the steep price and fierce user loyalty, though, US government officials say the devices don't work at all:"

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Guest bedrock bob

Man I have seen it both ways. In the Caballos there is a dozen fellows with contraptions they swear will find gold, silver, caches and caves. I have been out several times with them and they all find "targets" where there are none. None has found a target that they were looking for to my knowledge. WHiloe they seem to get signals from various areas none have been able to locate the 6 ounce Spanish gold cross that I was carrying in my pocket at the time.

One old timer that I have known for 30 years spent his life savings on one of these ($30,000). After he died I inherited it. I took the control box apart and there was NOTHING INSIDE! Just some buttons on a control box that was not even hooked up. There was a nice honda generator though and it runs my chargers and lights when I am out.

On the other hand I have seen a fellow douse for water mains on a construction job and he is very successful. He has a set of Starrett brand dowsing rods in a nice velvet lined case and he has NEVER MISSED a pipe. Believe it ou not. He has been employed as a job Superintendant for Burn Construction for years. A trained civil engineer, not religious or superstitious, and he himself can not explain his ability to locate water pipes with the rods. But he can...I have seen it a dozen times.

Go figure.


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My wife, Jill, has that weird power. In her hands the rods work. For the last five days I worked my butt shaky and sweaty running a couple of yards of dirt while sampling several different spots on the margins of a really hammered claim, only recovering about a pennyweight [conclusion -- that claim is best worked in the central zone]. Jill spent most of her days just enjoying the knockout weather in a recliner and doing crossword puzzles. Then one morning she took out her trusty divining rods, scooped up maybe a half gallon of dirt, if that, ran it through the re-circulator and, Voila, two respectable pieces of tweezer gold and several points -- all this in way less than 20 minutes of effort. Thing is, she has done this over and over again. I'm a believer in her gift. But in my hands those rods are about as useful as a metal scoop would be for passing a sample over a search coil.

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My dad can and does find water lines directly under his arms-feet. The Indian Reservation came and got him to find a large water line then the backhoe dug it, it was there, and one guy said awesome.

I believe directly under the rods, arms-feet might work for this application and usually not at a distance. But also if it makes you walk around and you find something at a distance it is you that found it and not the long range instrument.

Also all you need is something cheap like 2 bent pieces of ordinary wire or clothes hanger wire worth a few cents IF you have the nack, gift, power, God's blessing or whatever you call it, to do it. A person does not need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a scam instrument ripping people off. If a person has the nack-gift even a free forked shaped willow will work. No need to spend any more than one dollar or so on any instrument. It is not in itself the instrument that works but rather and instead the operator that finds water, etc. It is the operator-person and NOT the instrument doing the finding. The metal rods or forked willow is only a tool channeled from the user-used by the operator like a trowel or pick, and the instrument in of itself is nothing and does nothing.

Long range detector rip-off artists take people for their money. Long range detecting IS a scam to separate you from your money. It hurts people and families. I did not pay but traded a metal detector for a long range unit in a plastic case. An electronic expert took it apart and told me it was a transistor radio and a false product. Beware and do not take the scam hook on one of these units. If you cannot do it with bent clothes hanger wires or the like, then you cannot to it with anything.

It always makes me wonder how the Old-Timers (they were mostly up to middle age at the time) located so much gold in the bush with crude tools and horses. Yes they were first on virgin ground, worked very hard, and did sampling but some say also some of them had that gift-instinct-blessing but they did not have long range instruments back in the 1800's. Again it is the person and not the long range instrument. When a person(s) is at the end of their rope this is when the gift works best.

I was at the end of my rope in the VLF days many years ago. Driving and then walking without a metal detector. Then after that I grabbed my manual-GB VLF with 8" round coil and went in that direction and found a fabulous find and the biggest find in my life, a rich hardrock surface vein and VLF patches along the way. Since then I have gotten lazy and rely totally on the PI machines and my gift-instinct is gone and I am not using it by doing this. I must get back and in touch with the earth walking first, me first, before I grab my PI second. This is part of the secret.

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