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Thank you! (from Paleface's Family)


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This is Jim’s (“Paleface“) family - Sue (wife), Cindy (daughter) and Jim Jr.(son). Jim shared many of your posts with us over the years, especially in the last few months when you sent such supportive, heart warming encouragements and prayers to him. Thank you for that. And thanks to all of you who shared your love of rock hunting with him. As so many of you know he was a rock hound to the core - having spent his whole life around mines, collecting rocks, silversmith/jewelry making, metal detecting and searching for gold and meteorites.

Jim died suddenly just before midnight Sunday, October 25, 2009. As you all know from his “Cancer Sucks” notification, he had been facing lung cancer head on. The fantastic news is that in the 8 weeks of radiation and chemo treatments, his monster tumor went from 8x7x6 cm to a 65% smaller version of 2.7 x 2.6 cm. Amazing, eh? Despite a few days of fatigue and a bit of throat irritation from the radiation, he surprisingly had little nausea and maintained a very positive attitude, a great appetite and kept every bit of his hair (minus a few unnoticeable moustache hairs). He felt so good that he decided to take a week’s travel with Sue to Colorado and Utah to visit family he hadn’t seen in many years and to see his childhood stomping grounds again. He thoroughly enjoyed the fall colors, reconnections to family and opportunity to see the area he grew up in once more. One of the days he was in altitude of 2 mile high Leadville, CO which made it difficult for him to breathe and when they returned to Kingman on October 20th he never quite felt himself again. Ultimately it was not the cancer that took him, but more likely a heart complication. He died at home quickly, without pain and suffering. We are so grateful for this because he was a proud man with lots of dignity and was able to keep every bit of it right until the end. Even the hangnail on his nose picking finger healed! :thumbsupanim

Being part of your forums and get-togethers were bright spots in Jim’s life over the last several years. He talked endlessly about conversations and experiences you’ve all shared. He treasured each new discovery and enjoyed sharing what knowledge he could to help people enjoy metal detecting, and feel the joy of finding a new meteorite or golden nugget. We wish we knew each of your stories connected with Jim. You all meant so much to him. He was a big man with a bigger heart and he is greatly missed, especially by the three of us, his mother and his 3 grandchildren.

Death is the lantern turning out because the dawn has appeared. As a friend said, “No more worry. Always rock hunting under orange desert dawn sky.” We just know that Jim, our beloved is looking for his next “out of this world” meteorite. Much love goes out to you all as you hold the memory of him in your hearts. We know he would want you to know how much you meant to him.

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First My sincere condolences to you, and your family. Jim and I spent a lot of time talking about hard rock mining, rockhounding, and metal detecting. The first time I met Him, I was set back a little. He was so much like my father that it scared me. As we talked over the last 3 years, it was just like talking to my father. He helped me a lot and I shall miss him. He rests in peace now regenerating his spirit and will soon be hunting new worlds.

In Loving memory of Jim,


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Sue though I've never met you,On my many visits with Jim in Gold basin and Franconia,he spoke of his family often. I last visited with Jim in our camper at Gold Basin this spring.he was most interested in looking at my wife Maureen's collection of iorns that she had found at Franconia. Maureen was very much impressad with his great knowledge on Meteorites.We will be leaving the end of Nov.for our winter home at Dolan Springs as the weather has turned cold here in Montana.I will give you a call when were in the Kingman area as We would like to meet you. Take care and God Bless you and your family.Jim will always be the greatest.

Harry and Maureen

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Sue,Cindy,Jim Jr.,Elijah,Mother Sinclair,and Grand Daughters.

You all know how I feel about Jim and the whole family.

Sue and Cindy has probably heard the tales of our adventures,

maybe a few times.

Jim loved prospecting,rocks,and meteorites.But the thing he

loved most was his family. When Jim spoke about past family

outings or a family member,you could just see him glow with

pride and love.

Jim was and still is like a favorite brother to me,his memory

will remain in my heart forever.There is a special spot there

for all of you too. I am deeply sorry for your loss.

Your Friend Greg

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