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The hard work payed off


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:yuk-yuk: It's nice to measure in OZ's finally hehe. :whoope: .26 ozt. :ROFL:

Some smaller stuff was found as well but not much



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Yeah sorry, I needed a shower and a few beers real bad. Details had to wait.

Well it's back to my hole that gave me some nuggets a few months ago. I kept on going but never hit bottom.(over 7ft deep and in some really hard caliche and I only get out once a week lately)

Last few trips I goofed off doing other things and was giving up on the hole. After some thought though I decided that there was too much sweat and blisters in that hole to give it up. I went out there today and got back to work. Turns out .... the bottom wasn't too much further. Cleaned some stuff up and detected the nugget in the first post. Detected one small peice then drywashed it all and got about 6 small peices out of the cons. Need to go back and vaccum... Also there is a large rock that is cemented to my bedrock and I just didn't have anything left in me to get it out of there. Can't wait to see what is under it.

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That's a beautiful pendant piece...way to go...Maybe you need to coyote around the perimeter of your hole...Cheers, Unc

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I am not quitting it anytime soon micro I was just saying that the area I exposed when I found that nugget didn't get vaccumed before I left so I need to do that next trip.

Yes Chuck big smile but the blister lasted awhile. Can't wait to go back. I've upgraded my caliche busting equipement and am ready to go.

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