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Howdy Folks,

Since it was Nevada Day, and I had off, I decided to go detecting and try my luck at nugget shooting again. I did some research and found a spot that I wanted to try. Well, after about two and half hours this morning, I hit a nice sounding signal and started digging. After about six inches, I had the target out of the hole and found that it was a small quartz/gold speci. Feeling pretty stoked, I searched the surrounding area but didn't find any more. So I left the area and decided to go to Gold Basin and see what I could muster up. Quite a few people down there, from RV's, trucks, cars, and the lot. Everyone I saw was swinging a detector. I managed to nab one GB meteorite after two hours of hunting, then called it quits, my son had BB practice so I headed home on a good note. :thumbsupanim

The weight of the speci is 5.1 grams, and the meteorite is 106 grams.

Jason ;)




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Uncle Ron, I'm cleaning it up now as I type. Any gold is good gold in my book.

John, Steve, Paul, a good day for hunting and to start the season...

Dave, I was surprised the GB was a 100 grammer. But a good end to a short trip per say. Jason ;)

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Aloha Jason,

I am not surprised that you keep on finding them nice size meteorites!thumbsupsmileyanim.gif That gold specimen is very nice and I cant wait to see it all cleaned up.

Way to go guy, just leave some for us.confused0082[1].gif


Stan aka Kaimi

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Jason,thats a real nice piece of gold. THOSE 100GM. METEORITES are hard to come by in gold basin.I,ll be heading to my winter retreat in Dolan Springs in three and a half weeks.Hope to run into you at gold basin


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