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New Wickenburg Meteorite Today

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Yo All...Hunting a small gully for gold today, I found another whole Wickenburg meteorite... Small, only 20.9 grams but in great condition...Found it in a gully, but it looks like the others I found on the hillsides and ridges...I'm getting a definite feel for the direction of the strewnfield and I have to say it's not indicating towards where the supposed two original old (1930-1940) finds were supposed to have been made, by a longshot ... It's exactly like the others, with good olivine and small nickel/iron chondrules...Here's some pix on the next post...For some reason it won't let me combine photos with this post...Cheers, Unc





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Hi Ron,

Congrats on your newest W-Burg find. That means a fairly steady distribution for a surprising distance. It's a decent sized strewnfield. That stone is weathered but, definately an individual. Kinda oriented too. I'd love to see the other side of it. Nice score Ron!


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Aloha Ron,

Nice find, especially in that kind of area. Looks like rough going for anyone!jaw-dropping[1].gif BUT, it only means that you have really earned this one for sure.

Aloha and be safe out there.

Stan aka Kaimi

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