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Having used detectors for years, & being a typical TX. I thought I new something about them, The VLF detectors had just came out, when I discovered that gold was out in the desert waiting for me to pick it up. bought a Whites Gold Master at Qsite & was ready to get my shear, Wrong. I turned it on & holey crap, what is wrong with this darn thing, after a day or so I read the direction, Ground Balance, Mineralization, I had not had much experience (none) with mineralization which almost put an end to my gathering my share of gold, If there had been a tree handy I would have put it & me out of our misery. I was to proud to ask some one for help but after spending 3 or 4 days farting with that darn thing, Glen Anderson came by. What the hell are you doing? It took him about 3 second to straighten me out,

Went out the very next day and found a 3.7 huge nugget. If I had known any thing about gold prospection I would never have found that beauty, I read some where that gold was in rock & proceeded to run my coil over every rock that I could locate. Down in this deep wash there was a tall solid rock face on side of wash, I ran my coil over the face of that rock & got one hell of a signal over this little 2" hole, stuck my finger in & out came this whopper of a nugget. Back at camp show & tell time I experienced the only time in my life that I had the thrill of being popular, Never new I had so Minne Friends.


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Welcome to the world of nugget hunting :thumbsupanim

OL'29er :olddude::miner:

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