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Ora Banda, This Sandal wood cutter, my new friend took us across rain soaked outback that a little station wagon has no business going, I sweat blood trying to follow them with there 4 wheel drives. After crossing a darn good road, they headed for more mud, That was when I realize that they possible weren't my good best friends & I refused to follow them any further & told them I was going to Redcastle, & try my luck, They acted like they were truly sorry to see me go & promised no more mud if I would stay. I had enough & thought I had over stayed my welcome, & left them to precede on there bloody muddy way.

Red Castle was a long way & being in the southern hemisphere it was easy to get turned around & with no GPS I got lost for a couple of days but no problem, I had plenty of tucker, water & gas, I saw places & things that I had never seen before & probably will never see again.

I arrived at RCA at sun down made camp that required clearing the fire pit of rocks that when they got hot they would explode and would cut you up pretty bad. I unloaded my water jugs, gas cans, unrolled sleeping bag and camp was made. I would clime in the sack at sundown & not get up till the sun came up & warmed things up a bit. About 14 hours most times. I slept in my closes for it was too darn cold to climb out of that little station wagon & dress & gather wood, build a fire & make coffee in the morning.

I know you guys are loosing interest & will try & shorten this BS up some, Long story short, My old best friends showed up the next day to return my Billy that I left by the fire, being just an old can that some digger had abandon.

I hate to admit, but they were good company while siting around the fire at night & new more about the history of the US than I did. Short story, I found 8 nice quartz rocks shot threw with gold, & I was going to keep my mouth shut & not tell my old best friends, For I was well aware what could happen if you tell your old best friends, BUT DAM, Around the fire that night after supper & a beer or 2, it was show & tell time. Yes, I told my old best friends about my find, & I took them there.

John you go up the hill & work your way down and try to find the reef that shed this gold, it is up there some place, Dug, you work that dry wash for some of the gold probably washed in there, Dan, you work holes where the old timers have dug & I am going to work here where I found those species, YELL RIGHT, my old best friends turned on there detectors right there & started thrashing wildly my new patch. I have had patches stolen from me before but not with that, go to hell attitude. I turned on my detector & it did not deter them one bit, they kept right on trashing my patch, Dug got this signal & asked me to see if he had it out of the hole & when he did get it out it was a big Quartz rock as big as my head & mostly gold. John found a 3 ounce nugget & Dan & I found squat. The next day was Dugs birthday & they all went into Leonora to there friends place who was giving him a party. My old best friends left me there to take care of the camp, Short story, they returned & showed me a gold nugget that Dug dolled up & got 7 oz. & john got a 3 oz nugget, 10 oz, It made me so happy to shear my patch with my old best friends.

I decided that I had enough of my old best friends & left for parts unknown. If I had been 6 ft. 6 like DENNY instead 5 ft.5 like chuck this story would have ended differently.

When you are far from home & in a strange land you behave differently.

If I had been at home, I think I would have given it a go at kicking there ass. or mabey not they were tought guys & I have had my face changed,not to my licking before. Image is of a specie I found at Red Castle.


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Strange and compelling story, Chuck...Sounds like you made the best of a sticky situation...Thanks for sharing...and awesome speci...Cheers, Unc

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Strange and compelling story, Chuck...Sounds like you made the best of a sticky situation...Thanks for sharing...and awesome speci...Cheers, Unc

Ron, I suppose I did the right thing, by leaving with my tail between my legs instead of resorting to violence, violence has always brought changes in my looks, none of them to my likeing.

The specie went a long way towards paying for my trip.

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Great story Chuck! I think you played your cards pretty well.

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