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Help me work old trashy mine tailings


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I know you start on a small area ( i been doing 10 x 10 sq foot area) and removing all the trash. I HAVE A GP 3000 and still need to learn the unit. I have some questions. I also have the signal enhancer.

How deep will the gp3000 detect with a 12 inch elip mono?

Whats the better tailings to detect? big rocks or small gravel?

Does a speaker work just as well as head phones?

How should i use my 24inch elip mono nugget finder on the tailings? ( i been working a small area with the 12 inch then working it with the 24inch.((( because i think it will detect bigger targets deeper?)))) ??)

gimme tips please

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I don't know anything about your particular detector, however I can tell you that the big rocks (header pile) are neither better or worse than the small rocks (taling pile). Both can have gold. Alot of people don't run their drywasher properly so there can be some in the tailing pile and if they hit a nice chunky nugget it could be sitting in their header pile and they'd never know it unless they detected it.

Also if you use a magnet to spread the piles out then you will get some of the trash out alot easier than ID'ing them and removing them one at a time.

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ahhh.. I assumed drywash tailings because you mentioned big rocks and little rocks... and probably because I only think of hardrock and drywash lol. My comments apply to hydraulic tailings as well I believe.

Those guys left alot behind from what I read, you need bigger stuff to scrape down bigger piles though.

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