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My heart goes out to the family. My Mother In-law just passed this week from the same thing and I know the pain Jim and his family suffered. Our prayers are with you.

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Jim was a trove of knowledge and information that will never be replaced. My condolences go out to Sue and his family.

I first met Jim during the early era of searching the Franconia field. We often laughed about an incident that took place during this time period. Jim didn't have a GPS at first, and after describing to me where his monument was located, I would head out that way, find the monument and GPS it for him. On two different occasions while searching for his monuments, I found meteorites myself. One was 945 grams and the other was 1153 grams. The 1153 gram one was paired with John Wolfe's original Franconia by Melinda Hutson.

Jim found several of the larger Franconia Irons and was responsible for getting the classification of Sacramento Wash 005. He also found the Buck Mountains 001 meteorite of 50 grams which is the oldest specimen to come out of the Franconia field in terrestrial age.

Jim Spent many hours compiling the strewn field map of the Franconia finds. He could have sold his map for a profit, but refused to capitalize on it and shared it freely.

Jim was brought up in a hard rock environment as his dad was a superintendent at the Gilman Mine in Colorado, and was responsible for many of the world class mineral specimens that came out of that mine.

Jim also ran a food bank for many years out of his home supplying food to the needy in Chloride and Kingman.

I was privileged to accompany him on his next to last hunt out at Red Dry Lake in March along with John Wolfe and Todd Parker. John found a meteorite and Jim found some artifacts. His last hunt was probably his best, as he took his young grandson out to a friends gold claim and found a gold nugget for him.

His obituary can be found at


Larry Sloan

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