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I am truly saddened by his passing. We have lost a great mentor in this hobby as he was always their for everyone who asked for help. I for one will certainly miss his presence and can only hope that his spirit will remain in all our hearts forever as i know I will never forget him. He was truly one of a kind. I send my condolensences to his family and I will be contacting my Sister at the convent as soon as I log off so she can get the other Sisters to say a prayer for him.

God bless you Jim (paleface) for you will surely be missed by us all. Our loss will only mean that someone up there will be able to have another great person in HIS presence.

Aloha Oe Jim,

Stan aka Kaimi

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When I saw this post it took me a couple of minutes to open it up because I didn't want to believe it... I had to take a big sigh and prepare myself for the news because I truely believed he was going to beat cancer.

Jim Smaller was one of the few people in my life that had a profound influence on me. I met him at Franconia when I was first getting into meteorite hunting and he was kind and generous enough to point me in the right direction and give me a few pointers. I spent many hours around the campfire BS'in with him into the early morning about meteorites, gold hunting and drywasher design (he always liked to pick my brain) while drinking brews and eating his delicious chicken wings while he drank his Scotch. At outings we were usually the last ones to hit the sack. I knew every moment I could spend talking with him was going to be time well spent with a quality person.

He was truely a unique man, kind, gentle, and an optimist that never had a negative thing to say about anything. Always upbeat, positive and willing to help out any person who had an interest in what he had to say. Everytime I said good bye to him I left with a smile on my face and something new to think about that he taught me, he was a true mentor to me.

For those of you that know the story behind SaW 005 and the frustration he had to deal with, one thing he said me that I will remember for the rest of my life- "Del when that meteorite finally gets classified I'll die a happy man"-

Sacramento Wash 005

I'm glad we will always have this to remember my friend.

Rest in Piece my friend... you will truely be missed and never forgotten.


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Jim always was helpful, when I first got into meteorite hunting in gold basin or Franconia, he was always one of the first people to offer advice. Rest in Peace my friend..... Dave

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I didn't converse with the man one to one.

I did gain tones of insight and info from his post.

What to Hell is going on here?

We've lost two Most Active members in a month .

See Ya on the Hill when it's my turn , Pale Face .

God Bless you and let the Good times Role, Sir.


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I briefly met him at a Gold Basin outing. He was very willing to share information and seemed to be a genuinely nice person, just like on the forums.

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To Jim's family and all who knew him.

My sincere condolences go out to you. Although I never had the pleasure

of meeting Jim I will miss his posts and generous sharing of the wealth

of knowledge that he so willingly gave. Whoever he is with now are the

fortunate ones.


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To All,

I am in total shock and disbelief reading here that Jim has passed to the next world. I had known that he was fighting cancer but, didn't know he was so "close to the edge". A couple of weeks ago, while camped at Gold Basin, we had half expected that his truck might pull up at any time, Jim with his usual big smile, and time for visiting, like so many other times. This is a huge loss for us and his family. In spite of that, I feel richer for having known him. For all he taught my son and I, for all the consideration he gave us, for all the serious discussions and bull sessions by the campfire, for all the helpful hints and tips we are truly grateful. I can't hunt meteorites and NOT think of Jim. He will be well remembered.

Sadly, Ben

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The best nugget I ever found at Gold Basin was Jim Smaller. How inaptly named -- there was nothing smaller about this lovable, larger than life person. The way he lived his life and conducted himself is an inspiration to us all. I particularly admired the way he expressed his intellect about all things, great and small, minor or major, technical or hypothetical. Jim's passing is a great loss. He will not easily be replaced, if ever at all. This surely is a time for grieving followed, in due time, with sweet remembrances. Goodbye Jim.

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Jim was a good man . A kind and generous man . The downside is that he now cannot hunt any more meteorites since he is surely on the other side of them . BUT .... if you watch the skies and look REAL close you will see his smiling face and his helping hand pointing to an area and saying "They went thata way." RIP Big Guy .

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What a sad note.

My condolance to Jims family. He will be missed so much. I feel so honored to have known Jim and captured the big guy with the big smile, big laugh and big heart for ever on videotape. I will never forget the phone calls and wisdom Jim shared with me from Artifacts to Geology and Meteorites. It was very hard for me to watch but I had to smile through tears watching video tonight. For all that have never had the pleasure of knowing Jim check out the short piece on Youtube.

You can't miss Jim, the big guy in the blue denim shirt.

God Bless Jim and Family.


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I sit here tonight and think about the greatness of a man I’ve never met in person. But having communicated with him on number of occasions I can only echo what others have previously said about a very good man who will be missed.


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Jim, we talked in private a few times and on the phone. You arent gone good friend.

Time is flying for all of us, we are born, we live and we die. Its as simple and as complicated as that. The paths we walk are littered with our friends and our enemies, we miss them all.

Be seeing you Jim.

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Somewhere in these tributes I skimmed over at least one that kind of talks about Jims passing in

the same way I have felt.

I see the subject line, but I am reluctant to open the messages, as I know what the thread

will contain.

It is as if it will put off the reality and finality of the sad nature of our

loss of Jim.

Thanks Jim, for enriching and making the difficult simple and more understandable to all those

who knew or read his messages.

We all grieve in our own way, in his passing.

Gary: ~LARGO~

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