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Jim was one of a kind! He will be truely missed. My heart goes out to his family. It would sure be nice if some one would go out and find a nice hard rock pocket in Jim's memory this season.


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Jim will be surely missed by many and by me too. I met him at one of the outings and he spurred my interest in meteorites, helped me with Gold Basin and Franconia and gave me great insight on these mysterious rocks from space. His depth of knowledge on meteorites, gold and geology, and general prospecting could fill volumes and volumes of a library. I am saddened by his loss and extend my condolences to his wife and family.

Jim wherever you may be, may your pan be filled with glitter and your poke always filled. Rest in peace my friend. Jason

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May our brother rest in peace. Jim will be missed by many of us. He truly was one of a kind person and meant a lot to me personally because he was so much like my father. Travel on brother


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Sad day for all of us here.

Men of Jim's caliber cannot be replaced.

Old prospectors spirits never die, they have just gone prospecting in a better place.

Know this, every time you see a shooting star.

It may well be Jim, sending us a quick signal, he is on a good patch, and just found a nice nugget.

I wish his wife & family well....

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It is so sad to hear of Jim's passing...It was such a short time ago that he revealed any problems...I didn't know Jim other than online, but his contributions to so many were so profound..Thank you, Jim...You have many hearts you have touched...Cheers to Jim's spirit...Unc

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So Sad and so quick. My condolences to everyone who knew him. I only met Jim once briefly at Gold Basin. He was one of those guys, you knew right off the bat, you could trust. No agenda at all, just have a good time and help someone if you can. One less good guy in the world.

Jim P.

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To those who knew him and those that just read his posts , He will be missed.

He was a great help and a store house of info that he gave freely.

It took me a little bit before I could post, Hard to type through tears.

He was my mentor in a lot of ways and I will miss him.

Rest in peace Jim............

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JIM, Take Care good Buddy,I'm not through talking to you yet so i'll catch up with you later. Keep those rocks in space headed our way. darn THOSE SALTY OLE TEARS AEE DRIPPING IN MY COFFEE.


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Yes very very sad news for me. I had spent time with Jim the past few months on various occasions, he had confided in me about his condition one day while visiting me we drank a pot of coffee and talked for hours about meteorites and drywashing, he was so excited about the job I had done replicating and motorizing the ol yeller hand crank drywasher he had owned for so many years, and I was devastated when I received a call yesterday telling me he had passed. I lived believing he would make a comeback from it. I truly did believe that.

Jim absolutely was one of the RARE BREED he not only understood prospecting, meteorites and most related aspects of the subjects HE knew them from the inside out.

There was not one question I posed to him in the short few years I knew him that went unanswered.

I was like Sawmill yesterday when I recieved the news and had tears in my eyes.

He will live on in my mind as long as I survive on this earth.

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