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Places I wish I had not gone


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Ora Banda, Is this one bar town where the miners & sandal wood cutters lived when they were not digging or cutting, located way back in the out back of Western Australia. I should have stayed lonesome at Jasper Hill out side of Leonora & did my thing, instead of hooking up with my new good friends,who invited me to go with them to Ora Banda to hook up with a Sandal Wood cuter who new the country, & who might put us over some gold, The bar was his office & home so we had no trouble finding him. The trouble I had was separating my new good friends from this bar & hitting the sack, They made there countryman proud for they could really make the booze disappear, especially if you bought it. Our plans were to sleep in our cars behind this bar, I was 75 years old & there was no way I was going to go behind this bar where some of the meanest looking Diggers & Sandal wood cutters that I ever had the displease to meet & who were drunk & worried about where they could obtain the funds to buy the next drink, I had this sick feeling deep down in my gut that It was going to be me. This old Yank that was here to steal there gold & Sandal wood and who was paying too much attention to the little lady tending bar, who SHE & every one in the bar thought had the most interesting rear end, & I sure did not disagree, If it hadn't been for that little lady the hole trip would have be a total loss. That Sandal wood cutter new the country & where the wood was but not the gold, I wish there was not more of this little adventure, but the boss is bugging me to play Skip O, The End for now,,,chuck

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Hey, Chuck...You can't dangle that carrot of a story out and not fill us in....Come on with chapter two...Cheers, Unc

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