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Yo All...it was a long hot summer here in the Dubyah and the finds were few and far between...However Thursday, my and Dodacious's 15th anniversary, I hit a gully I'd intended to hunt for the past 9 months, but had just procrastinated on...There is some good lookin' mineralization in the area, including red dirt, quartz, greenstone, pyrite and ironstone...Plus the bottom of the gully is hot... Lots of trash including horseshoe nails, boot tacks, a bullet or two and tobacco cans...Also found a very old crevice tool ... Within a couple feet of the crevice tool I got a nice soft signal ... Down about 10" in a wide V-shape spot in the bedrock I pulled up this unusual 3.3 gram nugget ... Mostly gold, but what makes it unusual is the host rock has no quartz ... Just what appears to be hematite (not magnetic)... Nice way to re-break my cherry which had begun to re-grow after two months with no nugsters...Used my ol' Baboo SD2100 with 14"R DD NF XP coil...Doc's signal enhancer and Blackwidow headphones...Killer combination....Cheers, Unc







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Hi Cuz,

Thats a dandy nugget you found!

Bob's going to invest in some of those No-Tellum shoe soles, so smart

guys like you can't backtrack his wanderings!

Thanks for sharing! Good to hear you were able to get in a little fishing

of a different sort.

Cuz Gary /~LARGO~

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