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meteorites identification

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hi guys , I have displayed a photo of place in sahara and I have made a remarque in this picture there is a golden stone laying down there and i am not sure what it can be ,please any one can tell me what it may be the fact that it does not look a same like the most stones on the ground it could be something ...i dont know it could be nothing anyone help !post-22578-125637455283_thumb.jpg

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looks like a paleolithic stone axe from here...really, jafar, why would you ask this forum when you were right there to see, feel and test the rock??? I get the feeling you are jerking the chain from jafar...pun intended.


yes , the thing is i was not there this picture was send to me by a friend so as many photos ,showing me the region where he pass, there is four days of travel in desert to reach it ,so that why i am asking if it's worthed to go to that direction to check out.i wish if it was me there .

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