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wheard quartz rock ?

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Guest bedrock bob

Most minerals are identified by their hardness, their fracture, their weight, and their streak. A photo does not give much clue as to what a mineral is. Only a few minerals can be identified by looks alone, and even then it is sketchy.

Get a good rockhound field guide and go through the steps for identification. If folks here knew the approximate hardness, and some physical charachteristics they could give you a much better idea.

My wild ass guess is biotite mica. I say that because I see some reflective flat surfaces in the photo and that gives an inkling to the fracture. It could be about anyhting without knowing the physical charachteristics.


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I ditto BedrockBob. What color are the spots that are catching the light in these views? Micas would be thin plates that you could peel off with a fingernail or point of a small knife. Black mica is biotite. Native copper is soft (look this up and find softest object that can scratch it) and malleable (can be pounded thin), also can be bent. Are there really silvery deposits? Could be an optical illusion. Was this found in an area with a lot of granite? ..or pegmatite (same minerals as granite plus others, all in larger size than most granites)? Pegmatites are neat areas to find crystals of minerals common and uncommon. Find a local museum and ask.

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