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Old rock shelters


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The image is of a old prospectors rock shelter some where in the Tregos,

I found a Northfield knife made around 1865 worth in the neighborhood of $800.00 in the shelter & 2 nuggets (the small one has been sold) found near by.

If any one is hunting the Tregos this winter you mite enjoy trying to find the old shelter. Take Care



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Guest bedrock bob

I went to the Trigos a few years back. North from Lake Martinez and onto the bombing range, and west through a main wash. It was night when I drove in and I stopped at some dwellings that were dug out of cemented gravel. They even had holes in the top for chimneys. The next morning I went 1000 yards NW to a mine in a saddle, and there were a few cuts made along a contact of some red and black rock just to the east of the dwellings. I walked about 3 miles west from the mine and got to the Colorado river. My plan was to do some spear fishing, but the palmetto was so darn thick I never made it to the water. Got pretty cut up trying to get the dive gear through the vegetation.

The next evening I took an airboat ride up from Lake Martinez to the Red Cloud mine and it was very close to the spot that I was at, only on the California side of the river.

I didnt find any gold in the Trigos in the short time I was there, but the next afternoon I crossed Senator wash into Cali and detected a couple of miles up in those hills. I did find a couple of little pickers in the puddles of molten lead (it was 600 degrees in the shade). Met a fellow who had a bunch of claims in the area and had a ball.

Looks like a fine area for gold if you are accustomed to spending the afternoon in a blast furnace.

Bedrock Bob

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Thanks, Adam, Wulfenite, now that I have the time to think of things other than gold I tore up this house with Gracie screaming, What the hell you looking for, trying to find a book to learn about Wulfenite. Now I know, today, tomorrow probably not. CRS Take Care

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Hi Chuck,

Its's always great to read your posts.

I suspect you could write a great book about your exploits...

Getting stuck in the mud in the RP reservoir, fish tacos, crawfish outta the Humboldt River,

just for starters.

I never had enough time to hear much from you. You were gone early and

always seemed to come back with something when you were at RP.

I have treasured photos of you and

Gracie, Bungie Bill, Little Bill, that help me relive those days when getting was good, before the

hordes showed up. Old Ed has been gone for quite a time now, but the memory of his showing up while

he was "on patrol" with his .44 magnum on the well worn seat next to him still lingers as well.

Not much action out there now. Just Crystal John digging his big holes for the most part, little

kit fox beggars showing up for handouts. Even the wild horses seem to avoid the area, or maybe the

govm't has rounded them up to protect the environment...

Have a great day!


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Yeah, the part I visited were almighty hard to get into, and lots of hot rocks and wire on the ground. The range stretches out for miles and I explored the northern and central areas. Somebody told me the smugglers coming up from Mexico use that area so take a gun with me next time I go.

Chuck, I love hearing your stories too! The experiences we have in life are all we can take with us, and it sounds like you've had your share. Hope to meet you around a campfire sometime to hear more about the mountains and the desert.

Ant Man

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Hello Gary, We made some good memories, but we worked hard for them, You mentioned the wild Mustangs brings back a time when I had a dry washer I was trying to sell this guy, he wonted to see it work, so I took him over the mountain back of S place We were dry washing & this herd of around 20 Mustangs led by this beautiful Stalin approached us on the trail going to the spring. the mairs were thirsty & wonted to stay on the trail, But that old Stalin was havening no part of that, He kicked ,bit & throwed a fit and Finlay made them detour around us.

Gracie couldn't stand me any longer & ran me off last winter, Bought me a covered trailer like yours, what a miserable way to go, Spent $3000.00 for the trailer & about $400 for stove, bed & other stuff I couldn't live with out.All for 53 specks & I do mean specks, Fell & was sure I broke something, Shxx, I am going to just lay here, After checking all my parts I decided I would try & get up, It was about dark & I was about a mile from my ATV & 20 from camp, I don't think I would have made it if I hadn't had a hoe that I had shortened the handle to dig without bending over.

I came back home nearly dead after driving 1400 miles with out any sleep.

Now I sit here with Gracie screaming, I told you, You cant make it without me, ringing in my ears.


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This is my camp last winter, bought the trailer thinking I could use it to transport my ATV & sleep & store my junk in when It was not needed.

I didn't have it organize where I could find anything, It was hell trying to fix my baloney sandwiches three times a day, What a miserable month,I am not a camper,but I had spent a year in Australia sleeping in a little station wagon, cooking over an open fire, No problem, Thought that covered trailer with standing room, would be a walk in the park. Thinking was never one of my strong points. chuck



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Hi Chuck,

What's wrong with THAT trailer??? I don't see a bit wrong with that. Maybe you didn't have a folding table to put your stuff on inside. Or maybe a shelf to put your campstove on as well. Heck, I even have my little flushing porta-pottie for just in case. I do know that those rubbermaid boxes are the cats arse for storing your possibles, and keeping them separate. All that way and you coulda been back at RP, where there are still specks to be found.

Next time you get a wild hair, let me know and I'll meet you there. Heck bring Gracie too, she might like the trip just for old times sake!

I need to get back to tending my garden. Getting it ready for winter, planting some winter rye grass in the garden spot and I will till it under in the spring. I might even plant some okra just for you! I suspect you grow your own, though.

Keep telling the stories of the old days...we love to hear 'em!


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Gary, IF I recall the last time you went to RP you were in your travel trailer. There is no way that I could not get Gracie back out in the desert, RP Is about 2000 miles from here. she is raped up in her stinking flowers & garden, I am about to go broke buying dirt, cow sxxt & lawn mowers. She will crank the mower & walk of & forget about it, and I cant remember to remind her that it is still running. The old dear cant hear a thing, She has a bad case of CRS too. Take Care

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Hi Chuck,

That IS a long drive for sure!

Yes, I do alternate between the little travel trailer and my cargo trailer.

I do like the travel trailer, because it is so comfy and convenient, BUT I have it (the travel trailer) up for sale

because the back roads are so hard on it, and it is a lot more expensive trailer (to me) than I need to take out there. I don't really need 2 trailers, and the cargo trailer, although less comfy and handy, can provide what I really need being a dry warm place to get out of the cold and sun. My wife went with me to RP just a year ago, to see

if she would like it, and the short of it was: SHE DIDN'T. So, I expect that any other trips would be the same, so bye bye travel trailer...

A guy from Albequerque is flying up to look at it, and I hope he buys it, so I can pay off some bills and move on.

I hate going places by myself totally...it is always nice to have others along, but not necessarily right WITH me, however, monitoring my every move, but it is better, safer to have some others nearby, that you can hook up with to

tell lies to, and share stories. BUT all those guys have died, sold their rvs, and gotten old, or found greener (more golden) (patches??)

So right now, it is me and the hound and the dam squirrels and mr. troy bilt that make my day complete, and once in a while a nice fast motorcycle ride to clear my head.

Starting to wander, so I will say adios for a little bit!

Riding on through the fog,


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