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Ant Man

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Greetings all,

Spent a few days in Arizona poking around the Trigos Placers with Archerfrog and came up empty handed. It is a fairly remote area reached by driving for about an hour down 4X4 dirt roads with a few steep banked, nasty washouts, jumping cactus, and hostile mesquite branches that swing in the truck windows at you. When you get there you are faced with hundreds of prospect holes dating back to the late 1800's, black-red rocks covering the entire surface of the overburden, some flats, lots of gullys and washes, and some of the prettiest little mountains I've seen. LOTS of hot rocks everywhere.

When you study the area you notice an obvious layer of hard-packed red dirt with river rocks embedded in it that depending on what the source of your information is either contains the gold, or the gold sits on top of.

Is anyone familiar with the Trigos, or other similar spots in Arizona? How do you go about tracking down the gold? We sweated and climbed up, down and around with no more luck then finding empty cans, wire, old bullets and trash. I'm very patient and persistant, but where would you strat looking in an area like this?


Ant Man

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The BLM gave me a fit & made me move every 14 days,I would move further out near the Trigos where I was detecting but they would all ways find me. I was Leary about camping out there for I herd story's about the army using your rig as a target & fill it full of 50ts. I didn't think the BLM could bother me on the Proving ground so took a chance and camped out there for about ten years with no problem.

I was out there last Sept. & could not believe the holes that were dug every place I had found gold before, I don't mean nugget holes but holes you could put a truck in. That is the roughest place I have ever hunted, every rock is loose & you can sure bust your but. I fell out there last trip & had hell getting up. This old age is the s,,,s.

You need ATV for there was gold all around the Tregos, I don't know where gold IS but I know where it WAS. There is a lot to see that is interesting out there, ask one of the guys out there to show you around. Good Luck Have Fun. chuck Image is me 15 years ago at Tregos.


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